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MG TD TF 1500 - material? headlamp bracket

The bracket that secures the headlamp on my '52 TD is broken. I have all the parts and am wondering if it can be welded or brazed? Not sure what the metal is. Any help appreciated. I have a MIG welder, although far from a pro.

52 TD

Dave - As far as I know, it is just mild steel. Good luck - Dave
David DuBois

I believe the brackets are cast iron and would need to be brazed. You can tell by grinding on the bracket, if the sparks flare out and sparkle its cast iron. Also if you look at the break, if it is cast iron it should have a grainy crystallized look. If the broken part is going to the radiator insert the piece attaching it to the radiator and bolt to space it out correctly. When you are done open the bolt shoulder hole up some and put some never seize on the bolt shroud before reinstalling. These usually get broken because of rust on the bolt shoulder. If it’s the fender side you will need to braze and re tap the threads. Hope this helps. John

Make a new one from 1/4" brass.
V.W. Piña

Hi Dave
Send me your Phone number I will give you a call on how to repair the part. It is a little to long to type out.
garykrukoski at yohoo dot com

Gary Krukoski

garykrukoski at yahoo dot com
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Gary Krukoski

Try a magnet. If it sticks, its a ferrous material, but better be sure your sure before you select a weld/brazing/flux material.

If its brass, you're in luck, otherwise it may be pot-metal and brazing that is a temperature -sensitive operation.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

Gordon A. Clark

would be great if you would type it out here. I am sure many of us are interested in such solutions, aren't we fellows?
Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

One of mine was broken too when I got my project. Before any re-reading of how to weld metal and not-to-weld-cast-iron, I took my MIG machine and made a beautiful weld and brought the 2 pieces back to eachother. It sticks till now...
Greetings, Huib
Huib Bruijstens

i believe it is cast. be advised brazing will make the new repair brittle..more brittle than before. when welding cast you have to pre-heat. i have a mig welder and have done a little welding in my time. i took it to the local shop. 10 bucks later it is as good as new. regards, tom
tm peterson

I just took one of mine off for inspection. It is plain steel and has been punched out of a sheet. There is no evidence of paint on it and looks as if it were installed in raw form. This is easily weldable. I will take mine to work and cut a few in 1/4" brass or stainless if I choose. Shoot, maybe I will make some in aluminum for lightweight applications.
V.W. Piña

Vince, are you talking about the bracket attached to the radiator, or the stay that runs from the radiator bracket to the wing, on which the bucket mounts?

I believe Dave R is asking about the more complex curved arm.

Dave Braun

Ah I did not think of that one. My mistake. My guess then would be cast and needs to be brazed.
V.W. Piña

mgaviator -- I had to repair both of mine. They are cast iron. I used the original bolt to line up the broken part with the not broken part of the bracket. Seems the holes in the two "ears" are different sizes and the bolt will line them up correctly. Then I brazed the broken part back onto the bracket and then ground the thing down so that it resembled the original shape. That was nine years ago and they are still working well. You can't tell that they were ever broken.

Good luck on your repair.
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

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