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This poem was borrowed from The Southeastern MG T Register

It arrived a little late for Christmas but never too late for MG-ers



Twas the night before Christmas,and out on the street

Sat my poor little TC,all covered with sleet.

The starter was frozen;the battery dead.

And clusters of icicles hung from the head.

Mama with cables,and I with the crank

Were trying to start it,but drawing a blank.

The best we could raise was a week little clatter,

And we couldnt determine just what was the matter.

When what did we percieve,

But a fat little man you just wouldnt believe.

His cap was made of bundles of wire;

The tails of his coat were crackling with fire,

His eyes were like light bulbs(and one didnt work)

A glowing face with an electrical smirk!

He was so badly wired that I knew in a wink

That this poor apparition was from LUCAS, Inc.

He opened the bonnet and started to poke.

Thus causing short and a cloud of blue smoke.

He crackled and sizzled, and giving a zap,

He fractured the gol darn distributor cap.

He walked to the back, and giving a thump,

He boogered the points on my old fuel pump.

And laying alongside of hi nose,

He sizzled away, while the two of us froze.

He sparang to his car in a move oh-so smart,

We almost expected the darn thing to start.

The starter turned over; the engine roared out,

And over the clatter we heard Lucas shout;

Out, Healey, out Jaguar,out MG abd Sprite,

Out Lucas ignition,this cold winters night!

And we heard him exclaim, as skyward he roared;

So long, crazy Yanks! Im powered by Ford!

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