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MG TD TF 1500 - MG friends in Germany

This summer I shall be traveling with my 1953 from Kiel to Enkirc (not too far from Frankfurt) for a gathering there. I would like to know if anybody in Germany knows about a workshop not too far from where I am going where I could have some work done on my car. I would think the prices in Germany are much lower than they are here in Norway.
Raymond Wardenaer

Ray, I live in the Frankfurt area and there are some workshops around that do classics. However, if thatīs Enkirch, that is quite some distance from Frankfurt and I assume there are workshops closer by unless you come to Frankfurt anyway.
What work in particular are you looking to get done ?

Mike Fritsch

Mike, I have a leak from the back axle and from the engine, I need to replace the tube at the top of the cooler (have bought it already), I need to fix "clicking" in one of the ventils and a sagging door.
Raymond Wardenaer

Hi Raymond,

if you travel along the Autobahn A 45 come and have a coffe with me if I'm not in holidays.

Klaus Harthof

Thank you Klaus, that is very nice of you. I have not decided on the route, yet, but I will let you know.
Raymond Wardenaer

Raymond, sounds like this is stuff that may take more than a day in the workshop. That calls for some place to stay. Do you have contacts in the Enkirch area around the meeting there ?

In any case, the same offer stands as from Klaus -if you come to the Frankfurt area, let me know and drop by. We also have a (British) Car club evening every 15th of the month and theres quite some mg specialists around that could give good advice. Of course I can point you towards some of the right workshops around here. End of May theres a classic car meeting here if thats around the time you will be coming (but I guess probably later ?)

fritsch_michael on


Mike Fritsch

Mike, I shall stay in a hotel (with my friends) around May 26-28.
Raymond Wardenaer

Hello Raymond,

I think it is best to contact Dieter Wagner from the MG Car Club Germany. He lives close to Frankfurt and is the clubs official in charge for the T-modells.
You can email him -> <- or give him a call at 0049-6081-41566 or fax 0049-6081-9444008.

You can tell him you got the information from Ralph Siebenhaar from the MGCC.
Dieter is in t-models for more than 40 years and has owned TC's and TD's. Currently he enjoys his TC. He will be able to give you any information you need about workshops in the Frankfurt area and more usefull hints, I think.

Hope this helps

R.S. Ralph Siebenhaar

Raymond, i agree with Ralph, Dieter is the MGCC club specialist for the Ts and has many years experience.
The week before your visit there is the Klassikertage event (19-20.5), where quite some T's wil show up. It is free admittance, so you can show up at your convenience.

So if you come to the area, try to come here. We typically meet Saturday morning to "claim" the MG corner. If that its with your schedule, let me know, will keep you informed

Mike Fritsch

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