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MG TD TF 1500 - MG Midge Mascot

Interested to know what is the value of an original MG Midge Mascot. I picked one up on a dealer stand at Silverstone, and enquired if it was original. Not for 80 came the reply, you would have to pay around 300, if I remember. On ebay is an 'original' one for 60. So who is right.

For what its worth see this auction site:


"There has been a resurgence in the use and fitting of Mascots to M.G.s. You are reminded that their use is governed by the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, No.53 of which states: No Mascot or Emblem or other ornamental object shall be carried by a motor vehicle first used on or after 1st October 1937 in any position where it is likely to strike any person with whom the vehicle may collide, unless the mascot is not liable to cause injury to such person by reason of any projection there on.'
Hence this is a subjective interpretation, and officialdom being what it is, users of T-Types with the Midge mascot, for instance, should be wary of fitting these. It may even invalidate your insurance policy in the event of a 3rd party claim, unless disclosed to and accepted by your insurers beforehand."

Sounds like something from Monty Python

Another example of one that sold for 250

Chris Couper

So, what I gather from this is that these 'mascots' are elaborate radiator caps?
John Redman

Have been aware of the regulations for fitting mascots, but I see them fitted alot at classic car shows on post 1937 cars. No reason why however they cannot be collected like any other automobilia.


How do you KNOW it's original? There were a number of repros cast over the last few years. Unless you have a known original to compare against, I would be very wary of anyone claiming theirs is an original.


elaborate radiator cap? No, all it is is a very nice ornament. The midge, of course, is an insect, similar in appearance to the North American common mosquito. It was originally used as a mascot on the pre-war MG midgets.

Lew Palmer
Lew Palmer

Well, I still do not understand in the context of the danger of carrying one. Does that mean loose in behind the seat or in the glove box?

John Redman

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