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MG TD TF 1500 - mg racer

hello can you help this chap on ebay he does not know what he is selling MG XPAG / XPAW engined special body racer (item 110101970464 end time 21-Mar-07 07:40:36 GMT)

An interesting little car. I would love to hear more about it. I know we have members just full of information on almost every MG. Someone have the story on this one?
BEC cunha

xpag/xpaw is a bit confusing? Certainly not a TD/F special...maybe a TA/B ?
gblawson - TD#27667

It might be an XPAG type engine, but I would like to know more about the cylinder head, as the spark plugs appear to be on the wrong side!
Roger Wilson

It appears to be a crossflow head with the exhaust manifold missing, Also the water flow has been modified with the water coming out the rear plate. Possibly there are no holes for water flow betwen the block and head.
Sandy Sanders

Hmmm, interesting little car.
First thing which comes into mind is a Lotus Six (?)
Engine, XPAW: Wolseley (??)
Cylinder head: Lucas laystall (???) early VW Derrington (????)
But probably it is something completely different.
It's the second time it appears on e-Bay with no reserve. Wonder why it didn't sell last time....

Nick, 52TD/63midget/74MGB
D.G.J. Herwegh

Its definitely a X-Flow head. Whether its Laystall-Lucas or Derrington depends on when it was made, as I understand that they're both one and the same.

The plugs are on the right, while on a normal XPA? they're on the left.

The instruments appear to be pre-war.

Wheel rims are very skinny, suggesting 2½ inches. These, on a 19" rim, were common to many early MGs, stopping with the TC.

By plugging the front view into Photoshop, one can clearly see the hydraulic brakes.

I can't see anyone in their right mind, planning to complete with it. Can you imagine driving that machine in the company of the hot TCs running in the UK and in the US?

Its at £1,800 rigt now. The parts are certainly worth more. ... will be interesting to see if he leaves it on eBay to let the auction run its course.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A. Clark

Looks like a TC gearbox. The Bluemels steering wheel is worth good money as well.


Paul van Gool

Would jump on it in a minute if it were on this side of the pond. Last time around I asked for some specific photos, no response.
MG Vintage Racers


As I remember from some earlier postings, the water jacket configuration was common in racing engines to get more coolant through the head.
BEC cunha

Daren, did you send this question to the website. It looks like a modified TC or prewar T. There is a lot of knowledge on that site to draw on. Barc
Barc Cunningham

"The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing."
According to the message on top of the e-bay listing.

So this means it's the second time it isn't sold....
Wonder what's behind all this.

Nick, 52TD/63Midget/74MGB

Is the price he is asking for this car 100 pounds sterling or am I reading this wrong. If it is 100 pounds the starting bid would only equal about 600 U.S dollars. This can't be right or is it? Or is it some kind of a scam, since it's been on eBay twice. If it comes back up, I might be interested in bidding on it? John

I think it's some type of scam. I wrote him when the car first was listed on Ebay asking for additional photos of the head. Got an email back saying he'd send them, then nothing despite repeated requests for more photos. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.
Gene Gillam

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