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MG TD TF 1500 - MG TD question

A MGTTO-member (MG T-Type Owners Club Holland) owner of a MG TD, asked me (editor of our magazine Square Front): "what is the meaning of the suffix EXR". I'm just the editor, so ... anyone? Thanks in advance, Marjolein
M. van Gessel-Bannink


EXR means EXport Righthanded (steering wheel at the right site).


JL Nederhoed

Thank you, Jasper. Why didn't I think of you in the first place?
Just a few more days and Raj's MG TD MKII (Raj Thadani) will be featured in Square Front. Spread the word ...
M. van Gessel-Bannink

A bit more info on the subject, copied from the Tregister site.

The TD chassis numbers are from 0251 to 29915. TDs also had extra codes for export cars, EXR and EXL for RHD and LHD respectively. To this was added either "U" or, for later TDs, "LNA" for cars destined for North America.

In the case of the TF, after two prototypes, Abingdon had to use a BMC imposed numbering system starting at 0501. After 6200 TF 1250s and 3400 TF 1500s, the last TF was numbered 10100. The TF prefixes that make up the Car Number on the identification plate are easily decoded thus:

Letters: HD stands for M.G. 2-seater in the BMC scheme of things. A = Black, B = Light Grey, C = Dark Red, E = Mid Green, P = Ivory.
First Digit: 1 = U.K. RHD, 2 = Export RHD, 3 = Export LHD., 4 = North America LHD.
Second Digit: 3 = Cellulose, 5 = Primer, 6 = Cellulose Body, Synthetic Wings.
The chassis stamping was TF plus chassis number (the 'TF number') whereas on the identification plate the car number was used. Thus, for example, HDE 23/10081 is a R.H.D. export model (it went to S. Africa) painted in green cellulose (it still is) and almost the last TF made (in May 1955).

JL Nederhoed

Thanks for all the useful information. I'm learning all the time! Kind regards, Marjolein
M. van Gessel-Bannink

Good day all:

Regarding the lettering code for an early TD:

TD3191, September 08, 1950, was shipped to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The Guarantee Plate reads: Car No. TD/ 3191, EXLU is found in the box line below the car number; Engine No. XPAG/TD/LHX3525.

As there were no colour code letters then, unless a Factory bill of ladening can be found or the first owner(s)can verify; subsequent colour change whims have lost the original schemes for many a car.

I was able to trace the first owner of the TD who attended and brought, albeit faded, colour photographs of the car taken in 1951. But I was informed the colour description given, at the time of purchase, was Almond Green (metallic) with Biscuit trim. He is now a retired RCN Officer but in 1952 had driven it to Vancouver before leaving for the Korean Conflict.

TC6768, October 08, 1948, was shipped to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada but took until May of 1949 to arrive there ?

Its guarantee Plate simply has: Car No. TC/ 6768 Engine No. XPAG 7467 without any further code lettering.

I have no idea as to what its original colour make up was and I have not been able to locate the original owner (most likely in her late 80's if she is still with us) or any later owners for that matter. The chap I acquired the wreck from only knew it as reddish ?

Both cars were in very poor shape went discovered and oddly enough, were suffering with very oxidised, probably Autumn Red paint, bodies.

I have copies of all R/O papers for both cars, but colours were not recorded on transfer documents in those days so they are of no help in that quest.

Sorry to rant on so, respectfully:
Jack Emdall, New Westminster, B.C., Canada.

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