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MG TD TF 1500 - MG TF 1500 Sales Brochure

Just wanted you let you chaps know that at we have commissioned a short run of reproductions of this relatively rare TF 1500 sales brochure (image below). The publication was number H.54125 and capitalizes on Captain George Eyston's record-breaking car at Utah, USA. The brochure is 20 pages including covers, page size 8.5 x 5.5 (21.5cm x 14cm). 7.50 plus postage & packing 0.81 (UK), 1.70 (EU), 2.65 (Rest of World). So if you're in the US, you can get it delivered to your door for less than $16.

As ever with, the brochures are offered at virtually cost price. Any small profits that do arise from this print run will go into the pot to fund future projects to aid the MG T-Type community worldwide.

To see more details about the brochure, or to place an order, simply visit the T-Shop at


Steve James

Gday Steve,
Are these brochures identified as replicas so that they do not get confused with originals?

Matthew Magilton

Matthew, Good point. Some years ago I bought a repro F-type sales brochure at Silverstone (for a very modest price) which was absolutely identical to the original. Some years later I saw a couple for sale second hand (again at Silverstone), a bit "scrunched up" and looking aged, for much more than I paid for my new one! Later editions, I think, had "reproduction" on the last page to stop such practice!
Barry Bahnisch

Thanks for your comments. The brochure has no obvious difference from the original save for the thickness of the paper; the original brochure is thinner than the repro, whose paper is weightier and much more "modern" feeling. Additionally, the reproduction has an "artifact" on the top-right-hand photo on Page 17, which looks like a pair of holes made by a staple, so that would be an additional way to distinguish a repro from a genuine item in this case. Perhaps a deliberate mistake can be added to the brochure prior to the next print run to combat the possible nefarious behaviour Barry refers to.

By the way, the original, from which the repros were commissioned, may be available for sale if any collectors are interested. Please send us a message at to express your interest.
Steve James

I have somewhat mixed emotions on this.
Kind of neat that there will be more of them out there...kind of sad that my orginial might drop in value...kind of concerned that some will put them up on Fee-bay clamming to be "the real deal".

Point in case: The repro of "the MG midget Operation Manual" comes up for sale all the time as a "collectors item" most of those have the "small Moss Motors" in the corner on the cover. I have both ...but do admit that I do not take the orginal to car shows...instead take the re-pro for people to look at.

Hope collectors check page 17!
David Sheward

Exciting, I am fairly new to MGs, and try to read from every available source about the TF 1500, which is the type of MG I purchased this june. I ordered a copy of the brochure the moment I read this string on the BBS.

A great thank you to those who are making all these efforts to provide fellow enthusiasts with period information about our cars.

As real true originals are getting scarce one will always see some fraudulent activity when modern day advanced colour scan and copy machines have become a household commodity. In my profession as a physician, I have seen an increasing number of colour scanned prescriptions of drugs such as tranquilisers,opiates etc. Does not seem to be a good way of stopping it, the pharmacies uncover some of these mass produced prescriptions, but far from all.

A merry Xmas to you all!

Jan Kristoffersen

Got my brochure quickly after ordering it, and it was worth every penny!

Just listen to this: " We are admiring the beauty of the mountain scene when.... a distant hum develops quickly into a throaty roar, and a low racing form, closely hugging the road, flashes round the mountain bend, Two engrossed, enthralled faces streak past and are gone. The sound fades even before the dust has settled...we are left only to envy."

Obviously these were the days of "safety fast", and long before Ralph Nader pulled the plug on innocent motoring fun with his "Unsafe at any speed".

I recommend any TF owner to purchase one of these brochures. On a rainy day, or when your trusty old TF has broken down, just browse through the brochure and the sun will shine again...


Jan Kristoffersen

....oh the writing back then.....

However....I have to share.... the memory that burned British cars into my brain....

It was a fall night, '64 or '65....about 11:00 pm....after our fall 'Prom'....I'm in a 1964 Comet Calienti (sp)....another couple are in the back is lightly raining and the leaves are blowing across the road....we are on the Niagara River Parkway...headed north towards the falls from Fort Erie.... We are laughing and talking about the my rear view mirror...way back are two small lights....they start getting larger....and closer....very quickly.... we re the only two cars on the road.....after a couple of turns and on a short straight, the car pulls out to pass.... it is an Austin Healey 100/6.... the top is down, the driver and passenger have black hoodies (back then they were hooded sweatshirts....).... he downshifts and floors it.... the sound goes right through our car and they disappear into the distance..... I couldn't was the coolest thing I had ever seen......

So thats what got me here......
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

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