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MG TD TF 1500 - MG TF Glove Boxes

I am new to the forum and looking for advice on how to rebuild the two glove boxes in my TF. The car has been in my basement for 43 years. It is stripped of all in this area. I have ordered from Moss a top and bottom for glove boxes as well as a center piece of cardboard. How does this all fit together and attach? How is the inner surface of the glove box finished? I would appreciate any help you can give me.

I am 80 and without computer experience. Be gentle.

Bob Yeager
Nashville, TN
Bob Yeager

Cover the inside with vinyl matching the interior (use a good quality contact cement). Then assemble the card stock pieces with split rivots. The assembly is the mounted to the steel dash where there should be 4(?) studs and held with nuts and washers. Should be a hole in each one for the wiper shafts to pass through.

Should look something like this when you get done.

Welcome aboard.

L E D LaVerne

Bob, I have a right side box out of the car. Will be glad to sent it to you for refernenc. Simply return when finished. n/c. Thanks. Larry
Larry Brown

Interesting ...vinyl makes more sense, but wasn't it felt originally? My was that way when I got it, and I re-did the same way, but only because I had glove box covers.
David Sheward

Bob, in case you haven't figured it out, that should be reference. To much chemo and radiation does strange things to one.
Larry Brown

I just went with this as a guide David.
L E D LaVerne

Bob -- See if this is of help. It is one of the posts I made to my web-site while in the restoration process of my 54 MGTF.

Note: click on the photos to enlarge.

John Brickell

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