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Good afternoon all.

I am in the middle of a complete strip of my 1954 MG TF 1250 and today I found a tag with an inspectors number on an Octagon shaped piece of thin cardboard. I am including a picture of the tag and was wondering if anyone else has found something similar while restoring their TF.


Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Cool. Where did you find it on the car?
Frank Cronin

No, but I did find this "final inspection" form also on thin card behind the passenger side kick panel in my TF.

J K Barter

Well this proves there are still things to find with these old cars. The inspection tag was on the floor on the passenger side (right) but I had been moving the dash around while getting to the floors so I am guessing that it must have been somewhere behind the dash.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Brian: Never saw that before but it looks awful pristine to be from the 1950's in an open seater sports car.

Also notice that JB's form has names for inspectors, not numbers.

Not saying its not official, just skeptical. It might have come from something someone bought that just happened to fall out behind the seat.

Even in JB's case we don't know if his form was from the factory, the importer or the dealer. It has no official BMC label on it.
Chris Couper

Understood Chris but this car has been in dry storage for many years and only has 42000 miles on it. The "official" story is that it was in a collection in Oklahoma and then sold to Texas prior to someone from Vancouver BC purchasing it and driving it back to BC and then it sat in storage from 1980 until I purchased it and stored it in my shop for the last 8 years. Just now getting around to restoring it as it was last in line after restoring an MGB GT and my MGTD. The MGBGT is now sold, the TD will go up for sale soon and the TF will be the keeper. Retirement has dictated that I only have 1 running car as we like to travel with our 5th wheel to lower California and Arizona.

I put this out there to see if anyone else had found anything similar during a rebuild/restoration. I will keep it with my TF stuff only because it was in the car.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Brian: If this car is as low mileage as you say it is it would be worthy of a good deal of pictures to post on the mgtf site along with the others of unrestored cars.

Can you do that and send me a set of pictures to post? Email is above on my link.
Chris Couper

Chris, The final inspection form was behind the panel, has the body number of the car, and is dated Nov.25,26, &27th 1953 from various inspectors so if we knew the official build date of the car, (HDE 43/1714) which I have never checked we would know pretty much where it came from I would guess.
J K Barter

Jim - 15 Dec. 1953. The sheet is certainly a factory sheet - I just wish I could read it (old eyes or crummy monitor...). Bravo for finding it!

Tom Lange
MGT REpair
t lange

I made a note of the dates on the web page associated with the form to clarify its providence.
Chris Couper

Chris, you have mail.
Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

I have not concentrated on reading the handwriting myself I think it is for the repair of paint damage for the most part. I am not sure if the body had been assigned to the chassis yet at that point. I guess it it was out of syc with other serial numbers for Dec.15 it might be a clue that they were already together.
J K Barter

Given that the bodies arrived at Abingdon already upholstered, it would make sense that JB's card is for inspection of the completed body tub at the bodyworks. Probably a generic card to cover all the different types of bodies being produced for the Morris range. I think its a brilliant find.

M Magilton

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