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MG TD TF 1500 - MGA vs TF Air Filter Housing

Is the rear Vokes Guilford (VG) air cleaner housing the same for the MGA and TF? I'm trying to lick my K&N upgrade problem: don't want to destroy my good VG filter housing or cut a hole in the filter element)(see other K&N thread). I thought I'd put a rear VG filter housing on the front carb and run the vent hose to ground. I once ran the hose to the front filter on my A and it sure made things messy. thanks, Tyler
C.T. Irwin

Not quite sure what your after, but here's a photo of my TF filters. PJ

P Jennings

You might be able to use the inside half of the MGA filter housing, but you would have to bend the area where it bolts on to the carb to the same angle that is used on the inside surface of the TF's filters. The TF canisters fit to the carbs. on a slight angle to fit under the bonnet, while those of the MGA are at right angles to the carb. intake. If I had an old MGA inside plate and an old carb., I would bolt the inside plate to the carb. with large flat-washers and then heat up the inside-plate to the point where I could bend it to match the angle of the TF filter housing.
David Werblow

thanks Dave but I think I solved my problem. A local MGA/TD owner pal has a set of TF (VG) air filter housings available for me that came on his TD when purchased.I'll put the rear TF filter housing on my front carb and run a hose from the valve cover to the ground, avoiding cutting up (and gunking up) my front K&N filter, or altering the VG. This works fine on my A. By the way, my A did not come with original VG filter housings.
Update: Getting ready to do pre-paint body assembly. Still need a front apron.

C.T. Irwin

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