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MG TD TF 1500 - MG Midget 1050 CC (?) engine

Is such a thing? I'm going to look at this engine. I am a bit naive at times but don't think the 1050 exists?
Peter Dahlquist

'modern day' midget? Although I believe the first modern midgets 1080 something. You might check on the Midget and Sprite forum. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Don't know if this helps any ...and memory is not what it used to be!
Austin Bug Eye: 948cc and what most people "called" an 1100 I believe was actually 1084 ...I think?
David Sheward

I think the 1098 was called the 1100! I had one in my Mini!
M J Turturro

You are correct 1098 ...brain isn't what it used to be! Was looking at too many numbers to "get it"!
David Sheward

Is there any value to these? Owner wants $265 no carbs or manifolds.It is disassembled.
And thanks for the comments. I am a bit to quick to spend money. Shouldn't be allowed to leave the house.
Peter Dahlquist

1974 on MG Midget has a 1500,so could be a typo in the advert,or its a 1250 and they typed 1050!
Was it advertised?

Three variations of the "A" series engines. 948, 1098, and the last and best was the 1275. I'd rather have a 1275 any day over the Triumph 1500 that the last Midgets got. Developments along the way included two variations of the 1098. The later with slightly larger (and more desireable) crank journals. I gave away an early one a couple of years ago.

Value...not much in my book. Anybody with a chrome Bumpered Spridget really wants the 1275. If it's a 1500 then there is some demand from the later Midget and Spitfire group. They have a bad habit of wearing out the crank thrust washers and the crank goes shortly there after. Make good boat anchors.
L E D LaVerne

The Morris Minor folks who are still running the 948cc A series often upgrade to the 1098cc for a bit more power and torque. Actually Minors post 1963 were fitted with the 1098cc engines from new.
John Quilter (TD8986)

Thanks all. Not gonna do it.
Peter Dahlquist

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