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MG TD TF 1500 - MGTD Models

At this web site: 52mgtd
You can view some Doepke MT (MGTD) models in various forms of detail and restoration that I am going to liquidate due to the fact that I am now on 24hr oxygen and can't do restorations any more. If interested email me. I have all ready disposed of a few on ebay. My original intent was to represent all the color/trim combos offered from the Factory plus a few that are popular with MG Enthusiasts, obviously I will never achieve that goal. grimmye
G.J. Cenzer

Sorry about that! Must be my lack of oxygen!

hope this one works
G.J. Cenzer


A most impressive collection. ANd the BSA is very nice.

I have sent you an email
BEC Cunha

Greg, you have assembled one of the foremost TD model collections I have ever seen. Your work is exquisite.
I too have sent an email.
Jim Merz

Any one have advice on the Victory TF 50's model that has an electric motor and 3 batteries - what type of batteries and how to place polarity ? This is the one whre you turn spare to turn on.
Keith Murphy

I just want to tell everyone on this BBS that I acquired one of Greg's TD models, and it is FANTASTIC! Greg had converted it to RHD, obtained gray paint from a paint supplier to match the paint code, added door handles as well as wipers and a wiper motor, not to mention the headlight guards. These additional 'details' were all scratch built by Greg. His attention to detail also extended to how he packed the model for shipping. I can't rave enough about the quality of workmanship as well as his easy-going nature and concern that one of his models went to an MG lover. The combination of gray body paint and red interior on a RHD TD EXACTLY matches how my '52 TD (#22141) rolled out of Abingdon (well, except for the lamp guards). A real treasure I shall enjoy for many years.
Thanks Greg,
Bud Precht
Francis Precht

I would like to add an amen to Bud comments about Greg's TD models. I bought the English White one and it is absolutly perfect. So nice in fact now I will have to build a case to keep the dust off it. If any of you are on the fence about buying one of these beauties, I would do it now before they are gone. Cheers, JL

James Lea
Rockport Maine

1952 MG TD
1952 Triumph Mayflower
1958 Rover P4
1962 Austin Healey BT7

James Lea

Wow. Impressive collection! I'd buy one, but living on my boat as I do, display space is very limited. I'm certain they will all be adopted to good homes.
Craig Cody

I've built ship models to. what are you living on? got any pics. I can still do ship modeling as they type I scratch build don't require a lot of grinding and sparysing, all stained and finger maniplulate d finishing. Greg
G.J. Cenzer

Just to add my Cudo's. I received a model from Greg. I bought one of the unfinished unit he has. He packedge it with every piece I will need to finish it. All the parts were securly fastened to styrofoam.

I am going to paint it myself to match my TD.

If you ever wanted to own a Doepke model of your TD, go with Greg.

B Cunha
BEC Cunha

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