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MG TD TF 1500 - MGTF Rear end gear ratio exchange

Knowing that much has been printed regarding mgtf rear end gear ratios, here is one more...can a 4.55 ratio ring and pinion be "direct" bolt in or are other parts or tasks necessary...thanks.

the same tasks as for all other ratios
Rgds, Mike
Mike Fritsch

The crown wheel and pinion are a matched pair and need to be fitted together. The crown wheel does just bolt in, but adjustments have to be made to the shims either side to get the backlash correct, and that is only the beginning. The pinion bearings have to be removed and replaced, plus the thrust washer for correct location, then there are various shims and the preload setting. You can't just swop them over. Either be prepared for a lot of reading around the subject and laborious fitting, measuring and refitting, or pay somebody else to do it.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I had Dave Clark in Arizona convert my 4.8 rear to a 4.1. Very happy with his work. PJ

The Atlanta chaper was cranking these out over the course of a weekend. I did my own using their script.,moderately easy task.
Regards, tom
tm peterson

I bought a pair of half shafts from Dave Clark, when I was over there last summer, and brought them back to England with me. Very happy with them.
Dave H
Dave Hill

If the original ratio is 4.8, no point in changing. I changed my TD to the 4.55, wish I had gone with the 4.3. George
George Butz

Jack, see for more information. Bud
Bud Krueger

I have a Ford T9 5 gear conversion and a 4.55:1 axle ratio. It works really well with a 1330cc (+0.080") Stage 2 engine.
Dave H
Dave Hill

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