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MG TD TF 1500 - MGTF Wiring harness...need photos

Dear mgtf owners:

I am working on an MGTF which the owner completely dismantled without taking any photos.

I am ready to install the wiring harness but have no photos to guide me.

I have a schematic wiring harness but it is not of any use.

Does anyone have any actual photos of the wiring harness in the frame which you could sent to me?I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.


Dougs Restorations

Hi Doug, I am not going to be any help as I am in exactly the same boat. I have the original harness - in a bucket. It is just a mass of black and yellow wires with no wrapping and all the terminals have been cut off. As I intend adding a few circuits and modifying a few others I will not be buying a ready made loom but I look forward to seeing any responses to your request that show the routing of the loom.
C I Twidle

Not picture but this should help:

George Butz

Also, have a look at the many detail photographs in Gallery on The Original MG TF midget website.

M Magilton

I'm sure you know roughly where it goes and the rest is easy to work out. As Matt says the photos in the Gallery of The Original TF Midget are a great help. In fact I did it all from those photos and the wiring diagram. When replacing my wiring loom I just cut off all the terminations, and hauled the old loom out of the car. First step is to identify as many terminals as you can on the new loom and label them - a few will remain a mystery until you have it in position and then all will become clear. Mainly these will be the connections between the main loom and the under dash loom. Start at the hole in the bulkhead and push through those wires needed to connect under dash. The main long run goes downwardly and between the LH pedal box and the chassis, then to the back of the car on the inside face of the LH chassis member. Clean out the narrow space behind the pedal box or it will be difficult to feed through and bring a ton of grot with it. Another branch goes down and forwards and another across the bulkhead. Your labels will make it clear which direction each branch goes. Under the dash
I found it easiest to start with the easily identifiable map light wires.
Dave H
Dave Hill

I am certainly no Guru when it comes to auto electrics. However,i do know you need to be very careful when attaching the wiring (red and black?) to the 'innocent' rear number plate illumination lamp. If you place them the wrong way round, the rear harness will smoke/burn up in seconds !

I suspect the electrical experts will also be able to come up with a fuse device that could be affixed to the battery so that only the fuse will blow
if you get a connection misplaced.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

I found Bave Braun's site very helpful
When I did mine I laid the loom out on the garage floor and labelled all the wires in accordance with their colours on the wiring diargramme. This gives you an idea as to how the loom fits onto the car and which part needs to go through the bulkhead and along the chasis to the rear.


A R Jones

Dave: "Clean out the narrow space behind the pedal box or it will be difficult to feed through and bring a ton of grot with it."

Truer words never spoken. I also went the extra yardage and wrapped my loom with tape where it went behind the pedal box because you will never get all that grime out. Then after it was in place I peeled the tape off.
Christopher Couper

Just re-read the post and realised that you are using a schematic. You need the wiring diagramme with the cable colours, This tells you where each cable goes. You won't do it without this.


A R Jones

This is not a detailed description but is an overview of the flow of the routing of the wiring harness. Originating from the instrument panel it runs toward the firewall to the fuse panel dropping of some wires for the lights and connecting with a sub harness that extends to the right side of the firewall and that routes to the starter switch, right front lights and driving light sub harness connectors.

Once the left side of the harness leaves the firewall by the fuse panel it drops of wires for the direction lights fuses etc then goes in two directions one to the front left lights sub harness,Gen, coil distance. It also goes down the firewall along the frame to the rear on the left side picking up the brake switch to the rear cross member where it drops grounds that bolt to the center of the xmember gas tank warning light and licence plate light,it then comes back down the right rear frame to the right rear tail lights and continues on to the fuel pump, where it terminates. I know this is basic but if you look at the wiring diagram and take note of the connectors it shows it will help.

Just a hint really pay attention to the direction module to make sure it is set up correctly as the cover can be removed and put on backwards so if you used that to follow the the wiring diagram you would have the leads reversed, also the case itself has to be placed right or the wiring harness will not fit properly and another note some of the power wires have to run under the fuse panel. Also the head lights are not fused! I recommend you add relays and fuses for the lights and brake switch .

Hope this helps for a general routing, along with the gallery pics it should make it easier to understand.


I had a wiring loom made to original specification colours and woven braids earlier this year. If you email me I will send all the photographs I have of the installed loom. neil(dot)d(dot)wallace(at)me(dot)com.

N D Wallace

Use your voltage meter to check the continuity first before applying ANY POWER.
Might have to use a string of extra wire to reach, but this will make sure you are connected and to the correct point.

M Grogan

Highly suggest you get a PowerProbe or something similar. You can test your connections using 12 volts but not smoke your wires if something shorts.

Tim Burchfield

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