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MG TD TF 1500 - mgtf -throttle spring return bracket

Restoring a 1955 mgtf 1500 and I am amazed at the detail I forgot, after 8 years.
Where and how does the bracket (moss part (433-550)which holds the throttle return spring fasten? I suspect the starter, but would appreciate confirmation and perhaps an image,if not too inconvenient.

thank you
lee najman

On the starter bolt closest to the top. Make sure you use the right spring, as well.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange


M Magilton

I don't have the return spring shown in the pic fitted to my TF. The two "clock work" springs fitted directly to the ends of the spindles are more than adequate and are adjustable. The only problem I have found is that if the float chambers are rotated too far round they can bind on the springs. Sorry photo is poor but you can see one of the springs.

Jan T

J Targosz

Tightening the clamp springs too tight is a problem because it wears the throttle shafts much faster. The return spring on the starter bolt bracket is important, and stops the dreaded jack-rabbiting on the throttle. The right right spring on the bracket is very important.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Hi Tom,

What do you mean by jack rabbiting? I don't agree that a single spring will prevent spindle wear. The single spring will put pressure on the spindles in a downward direction. The clockwork springs will provide uniform pressure. TDs don't have return springs on the spindles so need the one between the starter and the carb linkages TFs don't.

Jan T
J Targosz

"Jack rabbiting" is what happens if you put "Kangaroo Juice" in the tank.

Hop, hop, hop.
P G Gilvarry

My 53 TD has two of these spindle springs on my 1 1/4" SU's
I thought they were standard to all SU's?
I also have the return spring to the starter as well though. So far 66 odd years and still going well :)


Rod Jones

You need both sets of springs. The carb springs ensure the butterflies individually close, and the one to the starter pulls the weighty pedal arm back up. George
George Butz III

I mounted mine on a bolt above the starter and it works very well. If I need to remove the starter, I don't have to touch the bracket. PJ

PJ Jennings

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