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MG TD TF 1500 - Mini TC

Since Lavern asked is on of the posts, I thought I would start a new post to go over the Mini TC.

As some of you know, I was the high bidder at the GOF Central of a TC pedal car project.

The car was started by Dale Livingston. Not sure when Dale actually started building the car, but he had about 90% of the woodwork finished and ready to assemble.

The car never got finished and Dale brought the parts/pieces/plans to GOF. Needing a good winter project, I thought I would take it on.

I have done a sanding on the wood and found that the plywood had dried out some and had some cracks in the upper layer. To fix this, I am using a Minwax wood filler. This is a soft putty that you mix with a hardener and can smooth over wood. It smells like Bondo. Think that may be what it is.

The plans call for this to be a pedal car and include all the instructions for how to make the steering and the pedal system. I have decided to modernize the car a bit and picked up a Yerf Dog rack and pinion system for a go cart and a mobility scooter motor and axle. This should give the car a bit more zoom.

Plans call for wood wheels but Dale said that wire bicycle wheels might look better. I agree so am looking for a set of 5 matching wire wheels.

Here is what the car looks like on the cover of the plans.

Have not decided on what color I am going to paint it yet. I am going to look at some of the original colors and see what I like.

Plan is to try and finish it for GOF Central 2010. That may mean I will need to build a mini trailer to haul it down on, behind my TD.

I will post pictures of the build as it progresses.

BEC Cunha

Thanks for the update Bruce. Sounds like your taking her over the top. Better stop at Road America and get a lap time on your way to Ohio next summer.

Small wire wheels would be a great improvement. Can you also fit spotlights for headlights and get power to them? You are having waaay too much fun.

Matthew Magilton

I see you seem to have an advert for the project are the plans themselves actually available if so where ?? Looks like a great winter project
Jon Levine

Lew Palmer may have a set of plans for a t type car. I know that he built one a few years back.
TRM Maine

Plans say they are from Stevenson Projects of Del Mar Ca. I googled them and they still have the TC plans for sale. $40 Also have plans for a lot of other projects. Know some of you are into airplanes. There is an interesting pedal airplane kit. The VW woodie is also different.

BEC Cunha

What are dimensions - nothing in the plans site I can find.
As the ultimate, the featured model at the 2007 or 08 (I think) NAMES show was an extraordinary 1938/9 Maserati GP/Indy Wilbur Shaw car with KO wire wheels. I saw it in 2009. The guy, whose name I forgot, got started on it because he had already made the wheels for another project, so he knows what he's about, and has the tooling. Canadian as I recall. I think those wheels were 8" rim size, which determined the scale of the finished car, about 4 feet long. Not really finished, as he is continually building more and more detailed parts - I have little doubt it will end as a running model.

FR Millmore

Rather complicated to do the fenders? Are they laminated and carved, steamed and bent????

i'm suprised no one has done a fibreglass mould for a pedal T type.
Matthew Magilton

I have a fibreglass XK-120 Jaguar. It has a 1 1/2 hp briggs engine. It has not run in years. I guess that it is 4-5 ft. long. I have not looked at it for at least 10 years.

Parts are all cut out of plywood. The fenders are three pieces. You start at the bottom and glue and screw the top of the fender on. The thickness is thin enough that it bends. Once the glue is dry, you remove the screws and fill the holes.

Since this had been put together some time ago, I use a finish nail gun to add nails through the top.

You then have to round the edges. That is what I did today. Not the best picture, but here is one of the front fenders after rounding the edges.

BEC Cunha

Here is another view

BEC Cunha

You might find this of interest also from Stevensons site. The little MG shown is a real beauty.
P.W. Lester

My grandson came to me and stated that he is getting too big for his car.. and we should build him another one..So his old elect-TD is for sale.. shipping would cost more than local pickup..


But really like to make up one like AU.


What is the second one? That is nice. How is it powered?

P.W. Now you have gone and done it. We will have to see if we can have a new category at GOF. It would be interesting to build one of these.
BEC Cunha

His is the "newer " one.
2 speed electric with head/tail lights and charger under seat.
Ofers taken in email starting at $125.00 and going up.. Its his car not mine..

The other car I saw in a site from Milborn AU.. ?? I think..


Grandson ( DAVID age 8 ) sold his first car today..
Boy his grin is as big as the car..


Congratulations to David, the car enthusiast!

Dave Braun

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