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MG TD TF 1500 - Missing Part

In the process of rebuilding a pair of my TD's rear brake cylinders, I found that I have somehow (very skillfully) misplaced one of the pistons that are normally placed next to the cup seal. I undoubtedly put them in a "safe" place where perhaps my heirs will find it. In the meantime, does anyone have one of these parts that might be surplus to their needs? I'd gladly buy this unobtainable part.
Jim Merz

Should have any of those pieces you need,Jim. Might send me a pic to be sure we are on the same page. Dan
Dan Craig


I believe the rear pistons are split pistons. Are you just missing one of the 2 pieces?

D Runnings

Many thanks for the replies but ghe "missing part" was there in the midst of all the junk I call my workbench.
Just an old man's false alarm
Thanks again Guys.
Jim Merz

jim, would you mind checking for some of my parts i've stashed in a place "where i'll be sure to find them"..they might be on your bench...the only place i haven't looked ..LOL. regards, tom
tom peterson

What did you lose Tom? I might find it.
Jim Merz

Jim; Could you check your bench for me too? Seem to have misplaced my mind-danged if I know where I left it. Dan
Dan Craig

I'd be more than happy to check my old workbench for any of the missing "items" but when arrive at the bottom of the steps in the basement, I forget why I came down there. Golden Years?????? Must be the urine.
Jim Merz

You should know that MEMORY LOSS is the second sign of old age.

Hey guys,

I lost the key to my Mini 3 months ago in the house and I still have not found it. Lucky I had the spare key. If I lose the spare key I'm really up the creek with out a paddle.
David Honness

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