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MG TD TF 1500 - MKII Bonnet Badge Question

I need some information from a MKII owner.

I had the car painted recently and I am now assembling it. The badges were removed by the paint shop so I don't know how they were attached.

The left side bonnet badge has two studs and two corresponding holes. However, the right side badge has no studs and oddly only one small hole. There is no sign of a hole being filled. It appears that the badge had been attached using some sort of adhesive.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is this correct?

The car is a verified MKII with Andrex shocks, the bump in the hood, the larger carbs, dual fuel pumps etc..

R Thadani

RT; Mine has 2 studs w/ nuts. Have 3 other badges loose in a box of stuff which are the same. Have never seen a single stud mount. Hope that helps;Dan
Dan Craig

I can also confirm from a MKII that both badges are attached by two pegs through holes in the windscreen end of the bonnet top panel secured by two nuts.

Ian Bowers

Is it possible the bonnet top was replaced with one from a non-Mark II and PO replaced badge as best he could??

R. K. Jeffers

Mine is a late '52 and has the MkII badges attached as above but the early '52s did not have them and the '53s had them attached at the front end.

John Redman
John Redman

My TD has a manufacture date of Oct 20, 1952. The bonnet is a correct one since it has the bump-out/bulge. The badges were attached forward/front-end.

Thanks all for your comments and feedback. I guess it would be best to drill new holes and attach a badge properly.
R Thadani

This thread was discussed on 01/06/2009

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