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MG TD TF 1500 - More TD Dashboards available (finally!)

Hello everyone. I finally got around to getting a few more TD dashboards ready to sell. This time around, I have three to choose from. One in Burl Walnut, one Curly Maple, and one Black Cherry. All three are LHD. I originally had five, but have already sold two of them to local folks. They will be going on ebay tomorrow, but I wanted to give the board members a jump on the action. I will also be sure and post the link to the ebay ad once I get it up. As always, the price is $299 and no shipping charges for BBS members! Thanks guys!

Nathan Darby
Nathan Darby

Here is the link to the ebay ad in case anyone may be interested:,1&item=4645853496&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT

The burl walnut is already sold, but the other two are still available. Thanks again!
Nathan Darby

Nathan... when you cut out the glove box, is it designed to have the chrome trim re-installed?
gordon lawson - TD 27667


Yes, I cut down the glovebox door enough to allow fitting of the chrome trim. I have a set of old trim here that I use to check the fit of each one when they are built. Thanks for the question.
Nathan Darby

Makes me wish I had a TD. Beautiful!!

Dave C.
D Clark

Seems like a good time to poll the taste police.
When using a wood dash on a TD what finish on the center instrument panel does the list prefer? Original tan like the steering wheel; plain chrome, or wrinkle finish black? Maybe even a machined overlap finish like on a 34 Ford :>)

Dallas Congleton

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