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MG TD TF 1500 - Moss Motoring

Check out the great new issue of Moss Motoring. From the cool cover picture to the excellent and definitive article on fuses it is really great! If anyone from Moss reads this, I greatly appreciate your support of the T-series cars and sharing your knowledge and information freely! George
George Butz

Just got my issue, nice article. PJ
PJ Jennings

You mean there is more to know about fuses than this?

L E D LaVerne

They forgot pennies! Haha.
George Butz

Yep I think they missed a few :)

Rod Jones

That 2000 amp fuse looks like it's metric, not Whitworth. Will it work in our cars?
Joe Olson

After putting out the fire, we'll discuss the whole "Whitworth" thing. For now though, I think a 17mm wad of tin foil will *just* fit.

I agree, good issue.

50 years ago I was working on General Electric Canberra bombers also built under license in the USA as the B57 bomber.

The Brit/Aussie version had lots of Slo-Blo fuses as the AC power was all generated by dynamotors or inverters which was basically a motor driving a generator.

The high start current demand was the reason for them, once rotating the current draw was low. We used to carry a tin of fuses in our coveralls in those days.

Oh, how things have changed, but my TF still has the correct fuses and the wiper motor moves, just!
P G Gilvarry

Then there was the bright fellow out on a hunting trip when his headlight fuse blew. Thinking quickly (or not) he found a 22 caliber bullet fit perfectly. It must have been an interesting conversation at the hospital when he tried to explain why he needed to have a bullet removed from his foot.
Lew Palmer

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