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MG TD TF 1500 - Moss or UPS?

Ordered starter and a few other parts from Moss for the TD over a week ago, usually here in a few days. Nothing. Called Moss, said it was UPS fault, gave me tracking number, didn't help with finding shipment. Customer not happy as he wants his car so I may put in a used one, but then I have to change it out again if shipment shows up. So I don't agree with the compliments to Moss thread, at least not this time.

R.AF. Robert Finucane

I don't understand...if you have a tracking number from UPS then the issue is out of the hands of MOSS. Is there something wrong with the tracking number? Or can UPS just not find the item?
Gene Gillam

Moss can't do anything more than you can, except that if they call UPS then you have to wait for them to call and tell you what UPS said. All Moss can do is ship it on time by the method you chose and hope it shows up!
Steve S

i also say the issue is with UPS. it appears moss shipped and UPS did not deliver. UPS is good, but apparently not perfect. regards, tom
tom peterson

If there is a tracking number, the item was picked up and sent as far as I recall. Sounds like UPS dropped the ball somewhere. Usually that number shows where the item is. I dont think the shipper gets a tracking number untill the item is picked up by the carrier, in this case UPS.
Tom Maine (TD8105)

You should be able to see the status of every point on the shipment on the ups website if you have the tracking number. Does it not show up at all? That said, I have had parts take well over a week from Moss and others especially if ordered on a weekend or holiday. Nothing ever takes "a few days" unless you pay extra? Hang in there. I've never had them lose anything.
efh Haskell

I recently ordered a compressor from Amazon. It didn't show, and I tracked it. Seems UPS sent it to Jacksonville, then back to the shipper, and then back again. The shredded box took 2 weeks to appear! But the tracking did say it was due to UPS routing error. Certainly Moss will help you if you can't get anywhere with UPS. George
George Butz

Since you have the tracking #, Moss is not at fault (IMHO)....
I have found that there are times when I click on a tracking #, and it doesn't work...Don't know why that is, but item showed up , so it didn't matter.
If your # doesn't work, you can call UPS, and give them the # and they will track it for you.
E.B. Wesson

You ordered, Moss shipped! Case closed on their end! Call UPS and give them the tracking number and they'll find it for you. It's the shippers responsibility, not the sellers! UPS does loose things, not too often, but it happens. PJ
Paul J

Not quite! Turns out got misinformation from Moss representative with my query, talked with a real person from UPS, went back to Moss to a real (very nice) representative, and they are sending me a new shipment with their apology. After waiting for 13 days maybe I only have a few more days wait. UPS did say that Moss had to start the search process. My search with tracking #says its still sitting in Stratford, Ct. since 8/1, or it fell off the truck.
R.AF. Robert Finucane

Yo Bob,
Unless you are going for absolute originality, a starter from a midget that is available from you FLAPS works and looks like original!! AND is a lot less expensive!!


Steve, I have two used Sprite (functional) starters on shelf, but customer wanted a new one. After reordering on weds. starter arrived friday. Now, with three days of rain scheduled, no hurry! Go figure.
The new (not rebuilt) starter from Moss is slightly different than original, mostly the band and a plastic end cap, which was broken with delivery. Haven't seen too many caps that have survived over the years.
What is FLAPS I might ask?
R.AF. Robert Finucane

Friendly Local Auto parts Store.

t lange

Coming back from Reno, I needed a starter for my MGA. Picked up one at O'Reilly's in Shreveport, LA. for less than $50. Can't beat that! Good for Midgets, A's, and T's. Marvin
Marvin Stuart

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