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MG TD TF 1500 - Moss T-9 transmission conversion.

I was sad to read that the Moss T-9 conversion requires a modification to the chassis as to cutting and welding for the rear mount. Since I refuse to modify this matching number car/chassis from factory original, it looks like a rear conversion is the only option. Oh well,it was a nice idea while it lasted. PJ
P Jennings


If you can find a good Datsun 210 tranny then Steve Neal (no relation) at Skyhook can fix you up with a no destruction conversion. I have it and it is as advertised.

James Neel

and, if I might add,,,, the engine doesn not have to be moved foward as with other 5 speed conversions...


Does Skyhook have a web site?
P Jennings


Steve Neal
Skyhook Engineering
161 Mere Point Road
Brunswick, ME 04011

No web site.

James Neel

Even with my extremely limited experience I was able to install the Skyhook 5 speed and I love it. I installed it over a year ago. No modification to the chassis or engine except for a couple of additional threaded bolt holes in the bell housing.
It is getting harder to find the Datsun 210 tranny(cica 1970).
I found a guy in El Paso, TX who found one in Chihuahua MX and shipped it to Maine for me. It was not an easy purchase but all worked out fine in the end.

By the way, if you or anyone does the conversion and finds they need a 12 mm reamer let me know. You can use mine.
Mort 50TD (1851) Mobius

Suposidly, there are many old datsuns down there in Mexico,,,,


The modification for the T9 is pretty minor,and does not involve welding. It can be reversed (with welding) if you really wanted to in the future. Moving the engine forward 3/8's of an inch is also a small thing. Getting a re-built 5-speed transmission with a better ratio for 1st (optional) and a 0.82 overdrive is well worth the small modifications.

J Barry

I think somebody could really make a killing going down to Mexico and scouting Datsun 5 speed tranny's. Bring them back in a U-Haul.
Bob Jeffers

The Datsun 210 transmission that Steve uses has the Prefix:FL or FA. Getting very hard to find.
David Werblow

FA, FL, FS or FX, to completd the list.

Tom Lange
Bar Harbor, Maine
t lange

Probably a very dumb question, but----- why are no conversions being made using a more current transmission? Finding a five year old trans would be much easier than a thirty year old unit. Arch
Arch Boston

'Cause rear wheel drive cars is long dead!

FR Millmore

I recently installed the Hi-Gear t9 conversion. The only cutting was two small pieces cut off a plate by the rear engine mount and the drive shaft cover was shortened. Certainly no structural chassis cutting or welding. Difficult to see and completely reversible. The engine did have to move forward approx 16 mm and an off set engine mount is provided for that purpose.
There was definitely no welding.
It certainly has made the car more enjoyable to drive.
A J Clapham

I put the Hi Gear conversion in my car a few years ago. Took me a couple of days but I don't remember any chassis modifications at all. Everything I needed was in the kit. A year or so later I helped Larry Karpman put the datsun conversion in his car. It also took a couple of days(which says more about me than it does the conversion kits). The skyhook datsun set up was about half the cost and required no moving of the engine. Remove the seats and floorboards and it is a piece of cake.
P.W. Lester

My daughter was working in Durango, Mexico a few years ago. When I wnt to visit her, I noticed quite a few abandoned Datsun 210s. The Mexicans drive them hard and did virtually no maintenence, and eventually the engines broke.

I took her car one afternoon and explored 3 of these cars. One had the 4-speed, but the other two were 5-speeds just rotting in a large, empty field.

There is however, a third option. Dellow in OZ make a kit using the Toyota T50 gearbox. Dellow supply the special bellhousing and all necessary bits to adapt to a T.

Have a look at

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

Concerning the Dellow and Toyota T50 gearbox conversion. I have made this conversion and it requires the cutting out / replacement of the rear engine / gearbox mount. A Toyota gearbox mount is supplied with the new bellhousing.

The T50 gearbox is strong and has been matched with a large number of V8s.

Some people have completely removed the round crossmember and installed a new one. I just cut the centre section and bolted in a new mounting piece (photo attached). The removed section can be bolted back in if the original gearbox has to go back in.

It uses the existing TD clutch (either size) with an adapted Toyota clutch plate.

I also had to get a new tailshaft made as the TD one was too long. The gear stick is further back.

All up cost is around $1700.

PJ, search the archives for further comments by me on the instalation of the T50 gearbox.

Stuart Duncan

Another photo showing bell housing, Toyota gearbox and new tailshaft

Stuart Duncan

I'm supprised that we don't have any members of this forum who live in the southwest,, close to mexico,,,I don't have any idea what it would cost or what the problems would be to get car parts across the border,,I'm sure the trannies would be searched for drugs hidden inside!!


I would assume they would have to have the top off, cleaned for inspection and proof of ownership. Only been in Mexico once, have no desire to go back!
P Jennings

I was looking at another thread that compared ratios of several 5 speeds (including the T9 and Datsun B210), among the group was a Miata 5 speed. It compared very favorably to the others.

Has anyone looked into that possibility?

If that were a workable alternative it would be a real desireable one. Plentiful and reliable!

Aisin is a major supplier of manual transmissions to the Asian market, the Miata 5 and 6-speed being two of many.

Have a look at the bottom of this page
and you will see the familiar T50, and under that, is the SP6 as used in the Audi R10 and similar.

I have e-mailed Aisin on numerous occasions without response, also my one and only snail-mail letter also went without response. Perhaps if I had written it in Japanese, I might have done better.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.
Gordon A Clark

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