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MG TD TF 1500 - Moss to stop supplying 'T' Type parts?

The latest edition of the Octagon Car Club magazine has the following comment in the Chairman's Report; ".. but as companies like Moss begin to reconsider their participation in the supply of spares for T types..".
Is there any more information on this comment, or is it just scaremongering?
Mike Christie

may be a first April joke ?

I'm scared..
PJB Brouillette

I just sent them a $1,500 order and it shipped same day! I'm doing my part.
efh Haskell

I just called Moss in Virginia yesterday checking on a new steering wheel and they have a bunch of T parts in stock. But, reach deep down! $$$$ PJ
Paul Jennings

The shop I use has redone 3 TDs (major engine work/parts) over the winter...he orders T parts just about every couple weeks....) and I keep seeing more coming out of the sure there is just as much or more demand then 10 years ago?

I'm sure that Al would be apoplectic if that happened.
Gene Gillam


Moss Bradford is the T Type branch and has been ever since phil and carl left naylors brothers over 10 years ago so they are the best people to deal with direct Carl ord as hes prob forgotten more than most people about the t types.
If you have an order from the uk it will always come from bradford as Phil is the t type buyer so knows when things are been made,

Ste brown

Thanks for that. I've known Carl from his Naylor days when I rebuilt my TD in the 90's.
I was simply interested in discovering whether the Chairman of the Octagon Car Club had correct information about Moss's intentions, since the implications could be very worrying. From the response here it appears he hasn't, or Moss are keeping it very quiet.
I'll contact the club and try to find out where the 'rumour' came from.
Mike Christie

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