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MG TD TF 1500 - Moss's front crank seal - any good?

I'm into assembly and have a decision to make.

Moss's engine gasket set comes with a modern-style front seal to replace the rope packing in the crank case and upper timing chain cover.

See picture. Is this seal a reasonable replacement for the OEM-style packing?


Yes I used mine. Just put a bead of silicone in the pan and timing cover groove and bed the seal. You may need to fiddle a bit with it. I would run a speedy sleeve as well to insure it seals well

Bill Chasser
W. A. Chasser

I suggest getting a machined pulley from Brown and Gammons. Our pulley was worn and did not seal, and there are complaints in the archives about modern castings. Also, the exchange rate is highly favorable right now.

J Barry

I use the Moss seals with good results. My pulley is smooth, so no speedi-sleeve was necessary.
Steve Simmons

A better seal is the Volvo camshaft seal. It is a double lip seal with the correct I.D and an O.D. That fits much better. It still needs to be "glued" in with RTV.
Gates pn ks 13945.national # 1172, fel pro tcs45725.
Start checking auto parts store, common seal.
Once in place, it looks original, only it won't leak.
Be well,
D. Sander

I fitted a seal kit (not from Moss) and it didn't work. After dismantling the front end and measuring the diameter of the pulley boss I found it was two thou less than the internal diameter of the supplied seal. I had polished the boss but certainly had not removed removed two thou. I measured another pulley and found it also was undersize. I visited a local Brammer depot and they had a seal in stock with the correct inner and outer diameters. It was just before 5pm and they had locked their cash register so gave me the seal at no charge! The new seal works perfectly. I would advise that you polish the boss with fine emery paper and oil, measure the diameter and buy a seal from a bearing stockist. They are cheap. A speedy sleeve isn't necessary. If there is a ridge in the boss and you don't have a lathe it would be far cheaper to get a machine shop to turn off a couple of thou.

Jan T
J Targosz

I have just checked the sizes of the seals. As supplied by mg specialist 36 47 7. The one I used 35 47 7. I have checked on line and they cost about 2

Jan T
J Targosz

Has anyone else used any of the various maker's seals for Volvo that David S mentioned? Sounds interesting. Reports or comments on going that route? Or anybody tried the B&G machined pulley that Barry linked?
S Cole

All above fine- unless the block has been line bored and the crank/pulley is no longer centered in the opening. I got a pulley from Abindgon Spares a few years ago that had B&G stamped or written on it, it was like a piece of jewelry. The Moss pulley had really porous and rough metal, no way it would seal without a speedi sleeve. George
George Butz

I picked up a National #1172. It's identical in size (ridges notwithstanding) to Moss's SKF #14005, Moss #120-750.

Same OD, ID, thickness.


I use a common 36mm x 50mm x 7mm seal available from any bearing retailer. The part number in Australia is TC 12533 (TC in the number is a coincidence!)
However, I have to machine the sump and timing cover with a fly-cutter piloted off the mains on a dummy block to accommodate the OD. This method means the seal can be pulled out and replaced from the front without removing sump or timing cover ....... although I have never had to do a replacement.

Incidentally, about 40 years ago, before I had the fly-cutter, I fitted a similar seal but in a very crude manner. Many years later, when I rebuilt the engine, I noticed that the seal had been running way off-centre. However, it had never leaked a drop!

Bob Schapel
R L Schapel

I put the new seal in my XPEG, which came from Moss and it hasn't leaked a drop. Of course my pulley is in excellent shape and I got the seal perfectly centered, before attaching the sump. PJ
Paul Jennings

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