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MG TD TF 1500 - Need solution for classy cupholder

Yeah, at the risk of being hedonistic, my lovely bride would like to fit a classy (chrome?) cupholder in the TD to hold cold drinks from medium to xl.

Anybody have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

dave lackey

The space between the seat cushion and hand brake...although I don't think the leather will chrome!
gblawson - TD#27667


Somewhere along the line, my MKII sprouted a console, which could easily be bored to accomodate your latte' heaters. Will take a few shots this week, as I take others for Gordon. Send an e-address so I can post them to you.

Safety Fast



Kewl...hadn't thought of THAT one!

I have been looking at some chrome motorcycle drink holders that would be terrific if I could figure how to mount them to swing out from under the wood dash!!

Here's a good one...

Looking forward to your photos!
dave lackey

You might want to search the marine supply shops for a boat cup holder. They have some that could attach just under the dash and swing out. The also swivel in all directions so they don't spill.
Bruce Cunha

The boat ones are usually chrome frame type and remove from a small dash fitting when not in use. The are gimballed as well so stay level around those sharp corners.

Here is an armrest/console that could be adapted!
gblawson - TD#27667

Gordon - "although I don't think the leather will chrome!" The leather is already chromed (it is part of hte tanning process - check it out). Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Dave... brilliant observation... this forum never ceases to amaze.... Used to belong to a group who did Voyageur Reinactments and some of the guys 'brain' tanned buckskin...made for quite an item!
Also had a long talk one day with a leather tanning company...i was complaining that the leather in a BMW 3 series would never get soft....he said to put a drop of water on the leather...if it soaked in, you can use any of the available oils/liquids/pastes... If the drop of water beads, the leather has been 'lacquer' finished and nothing including 'rejuvenators/etc' will ever penetrate the surface - "Ya' live with what ya got'!

"Tanning is essentially the reaction of collagen fibers in the hide with tannins, chromium, alum, or
other chemical agents. The most common tanning agents used in the U. S. are trivalent chromium and
vegetable tannins extracted from specific tree barks. Alum, syntans (man-made chemicals), formaldehyde,
glutaraldehyde, and heavy oils are other tanning agents."
gblawson - TD#27667

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