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MG TD TF 1500 - Never content with 1952 technology...

Yesterday I got my eBay purchase of an XKE Lockheed brake booster, the larger of the two available in the
Victoria British catalog. That should handle my 4-wheel disk brakes just fine.
John Redman

Cute, set up for single brake circuit. With 4-wheel disks, you may need to install airbags.*

It doesn't say what the bore is in the booster. Moss catalog didn't say what the MGBs are. Stock TDs were 7/8" I do believe.

I did a poor man's "vacuumless" booster- stuck a Chevette dual circuit master cylinder on that has 3/4" pistons, for $25 (I won't mention the ten hours or more machining & brazing). Little longer throw but higher pressure. Should handle our 2-wheel disk brakes just fine.

*It reminds me of a story about a guy taking his roadtest to drive his new commercial trucks with Allison automatic transmissions. The examiner told him to downshift, but he explained that it automatically downshifts. He was flunked for not downshifting. Afterwards, he complained to old Kieth about it and Kieth said...DOWNSHIFT! Next test, when the same examiner told him to downshift, he yanked it down into low... blood all over the dash. In spite of the broken nose, the examiner passed him that time.
Jim Northrup

Jim could you tell us more about your "braking system update"? For a long time, I have been trying to figure out how to use a tandem master cylinder with my original MG TD drum brake system. I think I could make some kind of adapter bracket and use one of the many drum/disc m/c's. As I understand it, the drum side may be a simple hook-up but the disc side of the m/c would require somekind of pressure/volume reducer.
I believe the TD's m/c have a one inch bore and I would use the same size bore or as close as possible like 15/16ths. My purpose is directed only to greater safety and not necessarily to get greater stopping power or change to disc brakes. Comments from one and all are welcome to get me on a safe, sensible project. Or tell me I can't get there from here!
Obviously with all the snow in St Louis, I have too much time on my hands.
Jim Merz

John, what did you use for the rear brakes on your car. I have MGA discs on the front of mine but not the rears. Photo would be nice if you have one. thanks Tom
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Dear Tom,

I started with the MGB disk brake conversion from Scarebird. It is designed for Toyota Corolla GTS rear brake calipers, Disks from Hundai and hoses from Cadillac.

John Redman

Come on. Other threads are all over the place on originality and what do I have here??? Why not buy a replicar? The whole name of the game is if you want a VINTAGE car, get one, if you want some 500HP disk braked, over chromed sort of thing, you need to hook up with NASCAR or what ever. Having raced a real TD, the REAL fun and chalenge is in the taking of a 50's car to its limits, as it was done then...Other than some personal comfort/appearance choices, they do not need dry sumps, phoenix cranks, heim joints etc. Now I will shut up.
TD, MKII TD, Austin 7s (pre-war), etc.

Paul Gaynor

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