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MG TD TF 1500 - New curse words invented for pancake filter bolt

It was inevitable! The woodruff key on the pedal shaft, and the TF radiator bottom bolts, have met their Armageddon!

I have invented some new expletives to describe the installation of the front bolt for the front pancake filter of the TF. Its #&$%~+*@!! There! Ive said it!

I was trying to install the new-fangled K&N pancake filters (Made in Mexico, I should add). The other 3 bolts are no problem, but that #&$%~+*@ front one ...

My 73-year-old back is in dreadful pain bending over just to see it, and Im going to have to invent a new driving position just to get to Gatlinburg, and I will call out my new expletives as I drive past the 18-wheelers! (its not their fault, but Ive got to take it out on someone!).

One of the bolts is slotted. I cant understand why theyre not all slotted? I suppose I could remove the fuel bowl, but then it means replacing the bolt for it, again almost blindly, and probably more back pain.

Its still not on - any suggestions?

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.
Gordon A. Clark

Maybe you've already tried this, but when I run into the same circumstances, I reverse the procedure and install the bolt giving me the trouble first, then do the rest. Good Luck!
Gene Burgess

Well Gene, I got it done - sort-of. It turns out that the front bolt was starting to cross-thread. So I used one of the good ones and buttoned everything up except for the most rearward one. Its now the bad one, just loosly tightened. I'll find another tonight.

But its still only for midgets with small fingers! ... #&$%~+*@!!

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.
Gordon A. Clark

gordon, could you use a dremel tool cut off wheel to cut slots in the oher bolts? tom
tm peterson

Gordon -- When I got my first TF in 1958 I had the same problem. I discovered that if you take the two bolts off the front (outside) and remove the cover and filter element you can then use a "stubby" screwdriver to undo the screws by using the slot. It worked so well that I put slots in all four screws.

This assumes that the slot we are talking about is not on the hex end but on the other end.

To reinstall I put a finger on the hex end of the screw and pressed it into the threaded hole, then put the screwdriver through the hole and wound it in till it was tight. Obviously you don't want to tighten the bolts too tight or the screwdriver will not be able to loosen them.

Hope this gives you some ideas!!
Cheers, Bob
R. K. (Bob) Jeffers

To get at the front stud on the original filters on my TF, I always remove the float bowl top on the front carburettor. This gives me (just) sufficient room to get a spanner in to loosen it and fingers in to screw it out. It's a pain in the neck but it always works.
Peter Daley

Gordy, I am running a set of K&N air filters on my 54 TF. I had to cut the front filter on either side evenly to where the filter is about an inch or so wide. The bolts that I use don't give me any real problems on removal or installation and the front filter has plenty of clearance to remove or install.

That front nut on the backside is no problem to install, just holding the lockwasher in while installing the nut is a bit of a pain.

Have a safe trip down and I'll see you next week in Gatlinburg.

PS, don't give the truckers any finger signs while explete deleting them!


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