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MG TD TF 1500 - New Diecast Coffin Style Alloy Valve Cover fot TC,

It seems that someone in Knoxville TN is manufacturing new, polished valve covers for the T-Series.

Looks like they'll fit the TC and TD and probably the Y-Type, too, but the oil vapour vent doesn't look like will adapt to the TF air filter.

Also I would be cautious about clearance on the TF between the filler and the bonnet underside

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qu.
Gordon A Clark

Looks exactly like the Moss item. If I had to guess, I'd say it is.
Steve S

That particular cover is set up to get the air cleaner and vent for a TC. A TD would have a smaller hole pointing straight up, TF would be horizontal.
Neat find.
D. Sander

yep! I'd say it was the Moos one as well. For the TD.
R D Jones

$60 bucks cheaper here!
efh Haskell

That is the one Moss sells for supercharged engines. There is a special vent plug they sell that fits the opening.

They've cheapened up the clamp on the oil used to be cast just like the cover.
Gene Gillam

I got one from Moss and I think it has a bit better polish than the ebay cover.

Bill Brown

Does anyone know where one could get a radiator cap with the setup on the valve cover, have been looking for one for years,
Tom Maine

I bought one from Moss not long after they came out. Chinese casting and not particularly good. Very wavey. I spent a lot of time with a long board sander and polish. Still has a lot of waves in it. But I guess it's ok. It also does not have the baffle on the filler port as the TC in my shop does.

MG LaVerne

He has another one hanging on the wall in his barn

MG LaVerne

I think it's in better shape than this one.

MG LaVerne

Good day all:

The unit shown by Mr. Clark is for the TC model as the circular boss on the right side of the "coffin" styled cylinder head cover "rocker box" is for the pipe protruding from the large TC air cleaner cannister. That bit is press fitted, with the aid of a rubber grommet, into the hole provided.

This model would not do for a TD using the AC 32 model oil Bath Air Cleaner as there is no pipe or tube, on the left side, that would enable the use of the rubber elbow connecting the air cleaner to the cylinder head cover.

If the photograph comes through, there is a rubber grommet, in readiness, but sorry I haven't painted the nice red bits about the M.G. logos--bad form, what ?

This unit was acquired in the UK several years ago and I believe it is an NTG reproduction as originals are out of my pay bracket !

Cheers for now then:
Emdall, TC6768/TD3191, Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Right then:
I have tried three times to send a photo and this is the last go.

I don't know what is going on chaps, but I get a message telling me I have successfully uploaded a photo, yet when I submit, bugger all takes place ?

Anyway it wasn't that important and it looks very closely to that of the image Mr. Clark submitted.


LaVerne, the originals weren't exactly smooth either. They were sand cast. Moss has put forward an effort to make their covers less perfect to more accurately replicate the original ones.
Steve Simmons

LaVerne. Allow me a small digression. Your car couldn't possibly be in your loungeroom could it? I've got lots of bits of my TD scatterd all over the house (I have a very tolerant spouse) but if I'm right your effort takes the cake! Cheers.
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir


I know LaVerne personally and I can assure
you, that pic of his S/C XPAG is in his TC and not in his loungeroom. He has several wives and they all tolerate what one might call idiosyncrasies.

Its just that he likes luxury all around him and those carpets are at the bottom of the engine compartment for a cozy environment.

Also what you see as chrome, is actually silver plating.

Gord Clark
Rockburn, Qué.

PS:- LaVerne, you'll thank me for this some day.
Gordon A Clark

Hey Peter, I thought this was standard fare for our classic cars :-) In reality it was discarded from the house in favor of a new one purchased at a charity auction. Made a semi decent surface to roll around on but has been discarded after the car lift took it's place.

I wish the floor still looked that good.

MG LaVerne

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