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MG TD TF 1500 - New Electronic Ignition System

I noticed this system on E-Bay today. I have not seen it offered previously. Would anyone care to comment on it?
Tom Balutis

Compared to pertronix it is very expensive. But having said that if your distributor is badly worn or US it maybe worth a shot as trying to renovate it probably costs as much or more. Terry
Terry O'Brien

They are now getting good reviews by the Healey guys, after some initial mechanical fit problems of that unit, which has been solved.
As mentioned they are a complete new mechanism, so cost comparison would have to be with the cost of a rebuilt distributor and the cost of a Pertronix unit.
The 123 units do offer a range of timing advance settings.
The price here looks a little premium - shop around.

D C Congleton


It is not comparable to the pertronix, this system completely replaces the points and the mechanical advance,
in fact the are 16 advance curves programmed in a ROM.
I have fitted this to an MGA for a friend, once the correct advance curve was found it was really good.

John Scragg

For a T series car (and MGBs) a person could probably do as well by sending their distributor to Advanced Distributors where a complete restoration costs about half as much. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

I just went to their website and they do not list a unit for "T" series. Now I know that a unit for an early MGB will work in "T" series (with some modifications). But what about a suitable advance curve? In fact Who knows what a suitable advance curve is for a "T" series with todays fuel and compression ratios?

How do I know that an early MGB distributor will work in a "T" series, simple look under the hood (bonnet) of my TD. The vacuum advance is hooked up and presummably works.

Their description of the 123 system does not seem to include the vacuum advance system. Of course most classic cars did not have a vacuum advance system.

To their credit this is a great niche market item for classic car buffs. Most of the diecast distributors of the early cars are now crummbling. I know because I had to machine a new body for a 1923 Studebaker distributor. Works great now.

I sent my TD distributor to Jeff at Advamced Distributors after I installed my Pertoronx. He optimized my advance curve both for the Pertronix as well as my supercharger. He said the Pertronix needs a slightly differnt curve than the original point ssytem.
The engine never ran so good as it does now.
Jim Merz

Jim, Do you think that might explain why my XPAG runs well with Jeff's distributor set at 8 degrees BTDC, while the Pertroix distributor is set at 13 degrees BTDC. My motor is not supercharged.
George Raham
TD 4224
G. L. Raham

Hi Guys,
this system was developed from an electronic engineer in the Netherlands. I used all the knowledge from the today’s racing teams in the Formula 1 class.
The system is very well popular in Europe because it works fantastic. All enthusiast which have it installed are more than happy.
Just to make it sure, I do not have any relation to the makers company and I don't have it installed yet in my 1953 TD but if I would have ignition trouble I would think about it seriously.
There are a lot of advantages offered by the unit:
- vacuum-advance
- automatic dwell
- spark balancing
- automatic power-cut after 1 second
- gearshift retard
For more details look at here:



Sorry for my typing error,
not "I" used all the knowledge from the today’s racing teams but "he" !
Sorry again

George, I was told that we can use more advance on the timing due to todays better gasoline. Jeff said to use the old method of advancing the timing until it pinged under a load, then back it off a little to eliminate it.
Dont be bashful about contacting Jeff, he will help and advise.
Jim Merz

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