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MG TD TF 1500 - New guy here... hello..

Hello to all here and a merry Christmas! I am a regular member of the MG Experience website but I recently aquired a 1952 TD. I am loving it so far.... see picture. I traded it for a running 1967 Austin Healey Sprite. I just got the TD running and it seems healthy. I have so far restored the engine and soon will have the whole front done. The dash is complete and I will be working on the interior as I go. I am also restoring a 1969 BGT and I have a '71 midget. Hopt to meet you all and hope I can contribute as well as gain knowledge from the forum. Thanks, Paul

PJB Brouillette

Merry Christmas to you Paul. Ahhh another one rises from the ashes! Been on this site for about 10 years and it so wonderfull to watch these cars come back to life! Your in the rite place ....the folks here are amazing. Never could have got mine done without them.
Best luck and keep us posted!
David Sheward

Glad to see you made it over Paul. Just as Dave says, this is place for TD/TF help.

If you want to see what some of the members here and their cars look like just goto this link.

Please do us the honor and send one of youself with the TD to Gordon Lawson. I'm sure he will jump in here before long. You and Terresa would be even better.

Merry Christmas



Are you aware of the Mardi Gras T's in New Orleans? We have approximately 30 T-series in the club and have a wealth of expertise is available to you if you need help.

Gene Gillam

Merry Christmas to all. Paul, I trust you will enjoy your adventure with the help of all these fine folks giving help and encouragement as I have had. I especially enjoyed the link posted by LaVerne now I can see the images of many of those that has helped me this past year.

Bill Brown

paul, good luck with the project. this forum is an amazing resource. welcome! regards, tom peterson
tom peterson

Thanks guys! So, what's the deal with bobbed fenders? Is is a period mod? Modified originals or were they bought as an aftermarket piece? I like them!
PJB Brouillette

Welcome and Merry Christmas....

Do send a photo of yourself and the car....will add it to the group....

Think bobbed fenders were pretty well an owners leaving the sides off the hoods and various other treatments....

Here is a wealth of knowlege and photos..will keep you busy for the rest of the day:

That picture stuff goes for you as well Bill. Along with any other new comers.

That grill treatment looks like a mercedes wannabee. What are the cross bars in it made of?
Really sharp looking wings.
Hudson Florida

Welcome to the Best T series site on the internet Paul.

Gordon - "Think bobbed fenders were pretty well an owners leaving the sides off the hoods and various other treatments...."

There was a valid reason for removing the bonnet sides in the Southwest - it helped reduce incidents of vapor lock during the summer months. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Gene, where are you located in Miss? I go to NW Fl. every year and usually make a trip to N.O. and always looking for T type cars and clubs. Not much in the Pensacola area that I have been able to find. I grew up in N.O. and the Pens. area.
TRM Maine


I'm located just north of Gulfport in a town called Saucier. All of the other T-types are in LA, mostly in the New Orleans area so if you're going to be around give me a holler and we'll set up something for you. The main group of guys over there have had their cars for years so it helps to have a *reason* to do something together.

Gene Gillam

Thanks Gene, may do that. I carry the laptop so will let you know.

TRM Maine

Send me an email and I'll get back to you with my phone number.
Gene Gillam

Fender bobs, like this one were common when there was damage to the front fender. I have seen a number done for just that reason.
BEC Cunha

Wife's '50 TD I'm fixing up HAD bobbed fenders and looked a bit sleeker/sportier.

She's getting her running boards!

jrn Northrup

Both front wings on my TD are accident damaged. Besides I find myself chafing my ankles on the running boards when getting into the car...
Though these are "bobbed" a bit too much to my liking,I'm very "inspired" by this TD racer:

Nick '52TD

D.G.J. Herwegh

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