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MG TD TF 1500 - New Repo Tach Cable

Just put a new tach cable on the car with the assumption it was as original. 60 bucks later, the new cable outer casing is as flexible as a wet noodle! To my knowledge the originals have a stiffer outer casing and not as sloppy as the repos. I had the cheaper cable on it that that the tach end went bad, but the casing, covered with a blue covering was pretty stiff. I have a speedo casing from a MGB which looks like a T series outer casing from a photo of an original. Any clues on this? I don't like the wet noodle sloppiness or looks of the repo cable. PJ
PJ Jennings

I think you’ll find that the original sheaths are quite flexible when all the old grease has been thoroughly removed from them.
W A Chasser

Is the cable you just bought a spiral steel sheath? If you look at the Original mgtf web site number 9052 and look at image number 37 you can see the original steel sheathed cables. Yes they have more flex that the vinyl coated replacements..IF...they haven't been contaminated with old hardened which case they can become very stiff.
L E D LaVerne

I attached mine to the underdash bracket with a zip tie to get a nice straight approach to the tacho.

Also the fitting on the back of the tach is backed off about 1 turn from memory, tacho is still a little wonky. I bought a used tach, with electric drill it is perfect, will try it soon.

P G Gilvarry

It is a spiral wound cable. I just didn't think it was supposed to be so flexible. Thanks for clearing that up. PJ
PJ Jennings

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