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MG TD TF 1500 - New TF carpet

I'm about to install a new Moss carpet kit in my 54 TF. I assume it is essentially the same as the TD installation outlined in Horst Schach's restoration manual. One question I have relates to the fact that I have the heater installed (Arnolt?), and the carpet under the heater doesn't readily come loose. Do I need to remove the heater (horror of horrors!) or just use more force to pull it out from under the heater?


Howard mgtf 1614
Howard Battan

Is the heater not attached to any part of the tunnel? Mine is on a bracket suspended from the up under the scuttle so the carpet is free... If yours is the same then you should be able to work the old out and the new in....?
gordon lawson - TD 27667

It appears to be suspended and not touching the carpet, but the carpet does not readily come free. Just more force? I was afraid to pull too hard for fear of breaking something. I've only had this TF a few weeks, and am just learning about it.


Howard Battan

There should be only 3 nuts/bolts holding the heater in place if it is pressed down into the carpet...the hoses should allow some movement out of the way (up a bit).. I'm thinking there might be one support bolted/screwed into the tunnel (my heater is not an Arnolt)?
gordon lawson - TD 27667

Howard, did you forget to remove the transmisson dip stick cover by any chance?
Jim Merz

Jim, I did remove the dip stick cover, so that wasn't holding it. I think I just need to work it loose from under the heater.

Thanks, all.

Howard Battan

This thread was discussed on 11/06/2006

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