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MG TD TF 1500 - NGK Plug Gap

What gap is recommended with NGK plugs in a TD?
B Moreland

I'm running NGK's with resistors in them and use the gap they came with 0.035". I do have a sport coil on the TD and the original type coil on the TF. Both have the pertronix points replacement modification.
hope this helps.

R. K. (Bob) Jeffers


For what its worth I don't like the 'sports coil wide gap' approach. With normal set up I would advise sticking to .022" gap and non-resistor NGKs. The original cars used ordinary stock coils with a lower output than modern standard coils, but in the late 50s and 60s owners were persuaded to use 'sports coils' in the mistaken believe they would go faster !

Beware of modern coils with established names on them ! - many are now of dubious quality and come from some far flung part of the world ! A good quality coil can last 50yrs, and I have a collection of well made second hand L...s coils as a good source of spares, just in case they don't last that long !

J.C Mitchell

My setup is virtually the same as Bob's except that I don't use the resistor plugs. My sports coil is made by Lucas.
Bud Krueger

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