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MG TD TF 1500 - Nice Birch Grey TF on Ebay

I have no connection of this car but it caught my eye because I also have a birch grey TF. With exception to one of the incorrect dash knobs replaced, it looks like a very nice survivor.;jsessionid=D96C85067F75AC9E28540ED50CBA5E4A?item=200876238938&ViewItem=&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123&forcev4exp=true#v4-42

Frank Cronin

Refreshingly honest listing!
David Sheward

When is the TF Survivor Challange????????? This one should be in it!!


TF Survivor Challenge will be in Oneinta, New York in September this year. I know of two all original untouched cars already that WILL be there. I'm so excited!
D. Sander

New that is a nice listing. It is what it is, and it is quite a treasure. I don't envy the choice the new owner has... To restore or not to restore. I'd probably do the interior, but that is just me.
D. Sander

I hope someone is able to photograph these survivors in great detail for the future restorer, as well as those reproducing parts now and in the future. George
George Butz

Its a great example with many original features (like the paint colour on the oil filter and the red paint on the front of the dynamo). Needs conservation rather than restoration. Hope it finds the right owner.


Wonder if it has the diff stencil?
M Magilton

If mine looked like that the day I purchased it--I wouldn't touch it. Unfortunately, it didn't.

David Werblow

That is the same color as mine was from the factory. When reviewing the build sheets showing how many grey with red 1500 TFs were built... It qualifies for one of the rarest of the t series.
Very slick indeed!
Alex Waugh

This is one more reason to make you want to live in the south west - 58 years and still no rust and well preseved paint.

Ok, the leather seems to suffer in the dry climate, and I would not want to remove the steering wheel cover...

Unusual to see a TF with disc wheels. And the rocker cover supports my point from the recent re-chroming thread...

But what a beautiful car otherwise..

Mike Fritsch

It was taken down on eBay because it is no longer available - presumably the owner received an offer he couldn't refuse.

Mike - not sure what was your earlier valve cover chrome thouight, but they were all painted silver from the factory, never chromed. This TF cover certainly looks painted over metal

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

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