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MG TD TF 1500 - Nice Ebay 53 TD

There is a nice blue 53 TD on ebay for the next 7 days . It looks just fine .
The only thing funny is the seller talking about how well it runs and how well kept it is .
He states that all he has to do is pull out the throttle a bit and "pump the gas pedal a few times " and it starts right up .Maybe pumping the pedal scares off critters sleeping under the hood.

His price is a bit high for the market as it stands right now.

Do you have an item number to this TD??

Steve Wincze

This appears to be the one
L Karpman

Whew... metalic blue over brown...!
gblawson - TD#27667

All the owner needs now is some yellow polka dots on that lovely metalic blue. After all that work too!
Jim Merz

Nice steering wheel though.
Dave Braun

This thread was discussed between 08/10/2006 and 09/10/2006

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