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MG TD TF 1500 - No Get Up and Go

Car has very low power, pressing gas only slowing increases RPM, have already worked on carbs and had new plugs, where should I start looking?
SD Denham

Timing, distributor centrifugal advance mechanism.
G Evans

Send your distributor to Jeff Schlemmer at Advanced Distributors, and replace your condenser. Check your timing with an advance distributor, at 35 degrees at 3,000 rpm. Bet one of those fixes the problem.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Check to make sure the return springs on the carbs and on the gas pedal are connected and working.
Geoffrey M Baker

Have you checked the timing? 99% of the time the problem is severely retarded timing. Even if there was no advance at all, the engine would still rev freely.
Steve Simmons

Check the color of the plugs after a spirited drive. If they indicate a rich mixture, and this is a TD, you might want to check that the top of the air cleaner canister hasn't been crushed down by over tightening of the wing nut. The cover is only light pressed sheet metal and can easily deform and choke off the air supply.

Been there.

Your get up and go has got up and went.... Sorry about that, couldn't resist it.

Ignition does sound like the right area to check - a common saying is that 90% of carb problems are actually ignition. Assuming your fuel pump is actually delivering.

Luck, David
David Provan

First, remove the air cleaner altogether and see if it revs freely. This sounds like its not breathing.
If no different then,
I do agree it could be retarded, but assuming it was ok....then suddenly not ok it would mean points have almost closed up which would retard the ignition or check the bob weights in the dizzy by giving the rotor arm a twist and it should return on the springs...although as previously said a non-functioning advance system would not in itself produce the described fault.
Well, thats my two cents anyway. Let us know any results and we'll proceed!!!
1. Air cleaner
2.Points gap.
3.Dizzy advance weights/springs.
c caygill

Do the carb pistons rise and fall freely and as a pair?(observe during stationary gradual rev increase).
The carb linkages are not slipping or hindered?

M Magilton

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