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MG TD TF 1500 - No Speeding Ticket

Cheers Everyone,

I just read an article on the funniest excuses for getting out of a speeding ticket... The following is a "Copy & Paste" that I thought was word sharing... Enjoy!

Sahety "Fast" ;-)

Rod Macleod - TF1500 HDB46/6798 ("Molly")

"We were going to a Sports Car Race in an MG TC on a rainy night when we were stopped for going a little too fast. The officer approached the left side of the car and asked for my driver's license and disappeared into the wet dark night. A few minutes later he came back and slipped me a ticket through the flap on the removable side weather shield. I said, "Officer, I am not the driver of the car." With that he shined his flashlight through the front window and saw my friend sitting behind the right side steering wheel. I stuck the ticket through the flap and he took it. Disappearing into the rain we saw him drive away soon afterward."
Rod Macleod

Hi Again,

Sorry for the "typos" in my post above... Not much sleep and multi-tasking is brutal...


Rod Macleod
Rod Macleod

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