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MG TD TF 1500 - Noise coming from rear of TD?

I went to a car show Sunday and while driving with another person in riders seat every time I went over a rough part of the road I would get a thumping sound coming from the rear of the car. TD is on jack stands in garage now. I thought perhaps it was the drive shaft hitting the tranny tunnel but further inspection under the car there are no marks on the trans tunnel. The shocks both front and rear have just recently been rebuilt by Peter Caldwell. The sound I'm hearing sounds like something turning and hitting something hollow or wood/plywood. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, John H
John Hambleton

Tighten your rear shock bolts. The transmitted noise is horrible
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee raybar2(at) tiscalidotcodotuk

Be certain that your side curtain compartment is not contacting the brake line that crosses the differential. Bud
Bud Krueger

Another item to check is the clearance between the shock link and the lower body tub. I know first hand.
MG LaVerne

Although you say;
>>The sound I'm hearing sounds like "something turning" and hitting something hollow or wood/plywood<<

I'm thinking that the shock bolts or the shock link bolts are not tight enough,, the rapid movement of the shock link might give the impression of a rotational noise or something turning

Steve Wincze

By chance did you recently install seat belts? Regards, tom
tm peterson

Thanks for all the good ideas. I've checked all the shock bolts and links they are all tight. I went back and thought of what I had done in the spring getting the TD ready for the driving season. oil change and filter, brake fluid flush and change and flush and change the anti freeze. While greasing the car I noticed that a grease fitting was missing on the drive shaft yoke. I replaced this and now think that this grease nipple is what I am hearing rubbing the top of the transmission/drive shaft tunnel. I am going to remove it and drive the car and see if this noise is gone. It is raining now so I can't test the car. I'll post the results, thanks again for the help. John
John Hambleton

If there's no noise coming from the rear, your engine's stopped...

Sorry about that, couldn't help it. Sounds like you and Tom are on the right line.


Thanks all. As it turns out it was the grease nipple! With it removed no noise. Thanks for the help. John

John Hambleton

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