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MG TD TF 1500 - NOS tires

Here is a guy selling NOS bias ply tires. Heaven knows how old they are! I hope that no body buys them, thinking that they are safe! They should, at the very least, be offered as "static display only", or, better yet, just thrown in the trash bin!
I hope that show cars aren't penalised for having modern tires. Unless there are origional type reproductions available, this really promotes an unsafe situation.
Steven Tobias

For a static display or "concours set" it would be rather neat to have these tyres, but they would indeed be risky for the road. It would be a shame to bin them.

That said, I fitted a set of old stock Englebert bias 5.25/16 tyres on the front wheels of my YA and the have been performing well for the last few years. I guess storage conditions determine the condition (My tyres are sceduled for replacing this spring, because they are starting to crack a bit now)
Willem vd Veer

Of course, the original tires were 5.50x15, not 5.60x15. One of my TDs caried one as the spare! Tom
t lange

It could be worse, they might be new Firestones for SUVs or even worse, Goodyear polyglass.

I'd take my chances with the Dunlops. We're tooling around on what are probably the bald originals. We just retested them at Michigan International Speedway at 75mph... they held up better than the Nascar Goodyears that they have to pit for inspection at 20 laps!

Don't worry, I rotate them regularly.

Those look to be new reproductions. We have some new Cokers, too.
Jim Northrup

I'm not one to run old tires, but to the seller's defense bias ply tires don't suffer the same catastrophic failures when they get old as radials do. I know a lot of people riding around on 20-30 year old bias ply tires with no problems. I wouldn't do it, but none of them have, nor known anyone who has had a problem with old bias plys blowing up. They just get more flat-prone as the rubber gets harder.
Steve S

550/15s are available from Coker in two tread designs and a couple other antique tire companies I've found. PJ
P Jennings

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