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MG TD TF 1500 - 'Not' a kit ? / Then what ? (TD)

A friend sent me this one...It's not a "kit" ...just a 1952 fiberglass TD with unnamed ford motor.
I love the "google instructions" to see what a TD looks like! (not "this one" ...just a TD!)

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David Sheward

And such a steal, too!
Rob Edwards

David, I too looked for it on Google, no dice. I always chuckle when I see these things. Genuine Article but fiberglass and powered by ford...I had a friend who had a Auburn, fiberglass and chrysler motor but he always showed up at shows with a placard saying one of so many built and genuine article and he could not be convinced tha tthis was a kit car or made to order, not a real 34 Auburn. takes all kinds.s
Tom Maine (TD8105)

Some poor ninny is going to be taken for a ride - a Ford powered one at that.
David Werblow

Now, lets not jump on this one too hard. I do remember reading about fiberglass MG's that were build by a company. British Coach Works made a replica. I think there is a difference in a replica and a Kit.

I don't necessarily call a cobra reproduction a Kit car.

Here is a TG (mgtf) done in New Zealand

It is not a true MG, but he does not say it is.
Bruce Cunha

Would have been nice if the guy told you to google the name of the company that made it ...instead of "google 1952 MGTD to see a TD".
Then again if it IS same company as link Bruce posted...that one says "Kitcar" right on it.

Seen a lot of Cobra reproductions for sale. I have never seen anybody tell you if you want to see what Cobra reproduction looks like to google Shelby Cobra or AC Ace!I sure wouldn't consider $17k on a repro TD when you could have the real deal for considerably less!
David Sheward

Haha.... I don't think we have been hard enough....if it was built in 1952...then its a '52 TD.... built anywhere else, out of non MG parts, then its a kit car....just like all the Cobra 427 Replica Kit cars.....

The only non kit car replica like vehicle would be a new Allard....made by the numbers consecutive....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

I like how the ad says "if you are reading this, I still have it". Yeah, until the cows come home.
John Redman

17K...a bargain; at least its a genuine copy of a fake TD!
Steven Tobias

The New Zealand TG has a long way to go to have the style of a TF. I have only seen one Naylor TF and it was a pretty decent reproduction.
David Werblow

Ok, Are you all sitting down.

Here you go

Kit sells for $21,400. Finished car $37,500

Yep Still a reproduction/kit
Bruce Cunha

What a bargain! And for only $828 more they'll throw in an AM/FM cassette....

They also list a "rear-engine" version. Hmm. Wonder where they could find a suitable chassis and driveline for something like that?
Rob Edwards

Let me know if your buying one...I have 3 cassette decks on CL right now! $15 for all 3 of them.(includes 2 speakers)
That could save you over $2,400.
David Sheward

Wow!...for $37,500 I'll sell ya the real deal fully restored to like new condition. No extra charge for the luggage rack, tonneau cover, heater or fog lights.

I like how they say "Factory Built"! The "Factory Built" Auburn their asking, $45,500.00 for is way off from an original, a good friend of mine has a totally restored original. On the block, probably go for half a mil. I guess the unwary with some extra jingles in his pocket, might buy one. You know how it is, car salesmen, slightly off color when it comes to telling the truth. (Grin). But, then again, put something in print and some people will believe anything.

LaVern, will you deliver for 37,500? (chuckle). PJ
P Jennings

OMG: they made a truckload full of them!
Willem vd Veer

I thought the white hi-back bucket seats in a TD were disturbing...uh, till I saw this one!
Why would anybody build this without a wale-tail spoiler? LOL
PS : I was wrong ...have 4 casst decks for $15!
(make that over $3200 in savings!)

David Sheward

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