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MG TD TF 1500 - NTG Disc Brake kit just arrived

Just received and opened my NTG disk brake kit. There are some pretty substantial parts in the kit. Looks very well made. Will start installation tonight when it is cooler. I'll report back on how it goes and the braking experience.

Timothy Burchfield

Tim, Did you get your carb issues worked out ?

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Bill, no, still running very rich. New needles arrive today and a set of H4s will be here soon for testing.

Timothy Burchfield

Timothy, I had a running-rich-issue caused by my airfilter.
This thread:
Huib Bruijstens

Huib, my setup is two K&N filters. I don't think the air filters are the problem. But I can't even get a lean mixture with the air filters off. I have lean needles that I'm going to try today. Thanks for the input.



Timothy Burchfield

Interesting disc brake conversion kit article. Maybe report on experience after a month or so?
My TF also runs rich so hope you'll report on impact of lean needles.
T W Moore

TW, I will. I installed leaner needles (AP) yesterday and still could not get a lean mixture even with the jets all the way up. This is the third set of carbs that I've used and the current set are brand new. I still think the engine needs more air. I'm in the process of obtaining a set of H4s to test the theory. I will say the car is much more responsive with the roller cam, the reduced head thickness (minimal) and larger valves. Second and third third gears pull strongly all the way up to redline (not that I go there very often).

Timothy Burchfield

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