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MG TD TF 1500 - nut wires

What it the proper type wire to use to wire down engine and transmission nuts?
Russ Oakley

I used stainless steel for my safety wire,

Dave Braun

I found a cheap kit with wire and the twister at a local motorcycle shop.


I would suggest that you go to the mainteinance department of any small airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells in your area... "Safety Wire" is very well known and used in all aircraft... It is a more "pliable" stainless steel wire, and therefore less likely to break... The stainless steel wire you will find at the hardware store may be brittle, and the last thing you need is bits of broken wire and fasteners that are compromised while driving... The wire I used is "Aircraft Stainless Steel Lockwire" diameter .032" although it comes in a variety of diameters, and you may want to take a fastener with you when shopping... You won't need much (probably 2 or 3 feet will do the job with plenty left over)... That being said, a guy in a maintenance department just may give you some if you tell him about your T Series - earth-bound "bi-plane"... It is generally sold in rolls "by the pound"... Good luck...

Cheers mate,

Rod Macleod - TF 1500 HDB46/6798 ("Molly")
Rod Macleod

I use .030 stainless wire. I am on my last roll compliments of UNCLE. He sure does use good wire.
Sandy Sanders

Sandy - You shop at the same place that I did, only I ran out earlier. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Just so I dont foul things up. How many nuts are wired togeather on TD's?
john Shoemaker

Harbor Freight has it. About 5 bucks per roll enough for about fifty cars.
L.A. Leclerc

On my TF John,
Flywheel to crank bolts, engine block oil galley bolts, oil pan pick up tube bolts, timming chain tensioner bolts and oil pump to block bolts. I think that was all.


Thanks very much, I dont believe they were all there when it was dismanteled
John Shoemaker

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