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MG TD TF 1500 - Oil Leak at Starter

Below is a photo taken from below the bell housing.
I've picked up a significant oil leak as you can see.
Any suggestion as to both the cause and remedy would be appreciated.

Mort 50 TD

Is your oil catch container full ???? I think you installed one on your car,,,,

Steve Wincze

A few choices, worsened oil leak, catch tank full. More likely jiggle pin jammed/gummed and not jiggling, oil and clutch dust equals gunge.
Been there last week, jiggled and flushed now ok.
I noticed it while replacing brake pressure switch. Not happy as I only fitted it 39 years ago :-)
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

"I noticed it while replacing brake pressure switch. Not happy as I only fitted it 39 years ago :-)"

That's about 40 years better than the switches being sold today :-( Cheers - Dave
D W DuBois

When I asked if your catch container is full, I was thinking that it is the rear main, but a lot would collect in your catch container before it showed uo coming out of your starter pinion..
Steve Wincze

You said in an earlier post you had diverted the vent pipe from the tappet chest cover to the carb on the blower. Any chance there is more pressure in the crankcase now - that is pushing oil past the rear seal?
You could try to put it back as it was for a trip or two - and see if it helps?
Just a thought.
R. D. Jones

Oil drip from air cleaner above? Sometimes happens with all crankcase venting going to air cleaner. Dan
Dan Craig

I think Rod Jones' theory has merit. Looking at the photos of your car on another post i think you might have created at least a partial closed loop between the crankcase and cylinder head and could be pressurizing the engine, pushing oil out past seals.
Jack Long

Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for your insights. Once again the BBS has come to my rescue.

It was a combination of events. My creating a closed loop was part of it. I used a commercial oil/water separator. I liked the glass bowl so I could keep an eye on it but the filter was so fine that I was building up pressure in the crankcase. This forced oil out of seals and gaskets. The biggest culprit was the rear seal and the oil just collected in the bell housing. Because I do have a drip pan I could not see the cotter pin tickler but it was jammed with dirt and not functioning very well. So a puddle grew in the bell housing and the flywheel spun it around to the opening for the starter throw out.

For the fourth time in two days I cleaned everything up. It was messy. To start with I removed all filters and scrubbers from the recycling loop from side cover and valve cover to the air filter. If all goes well I will add back a scrubber of different design later.

I have a seal around the upper lip of the drip pan and it does a good job. After due consideration I decided to drill a couple of holes along the bottom axis of the bell housing. They are to the rear of the cotter pin. This will allow oil to freely flow to the drip pan and not accumulate in the bell housing.

Prior to the fixes when I pulled into the garage I got an immediate oil puddle the size of a dinner plate. After the fixes I put about 40-50 hard miles on the car and so far not a drop.

So thanks again for the input. I am humbled once again by the value of this BBS and the ability to talk these things out.
Mort 50 TD

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