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MG TD TF 1500 - Oil pressure meter TD

On to the next puzzle. My engine is running nicely. The oil meter worked last year.
Oil is moving well (I've taken off the rocker cover and watched it). But my oil meter now reads a stubborn zero. Oil is getting through the small tube (when I loosened it at the back of the meter, it would drip oil, slowly at low rpms and faster at high ones).
Looks like I'll need to take the meter apart?
Anybody have any advise for me on the possible cause of this?
Geoffrey M Baker

I cant go look at my oil pressure gauge now, but I know on the speedo there was a rubber sleeve over the zero stop. Once the needle stuck to this to look like the gauge was bad. After a sharp rap on the dash beside it, it came unstuck and has worked fine ever since.
You could remove the glass (rotate the bezel to release the tags) and just see if the needle is free?

If it is you may need to have it fix by a professional.
Just my 2c worth.
R D Jones

Geoff, have you tried the classic 'tap it with your finger' maneuver? Stiction sets in periodically. Bud
Bud Krueger

I agree with Bud, just give it a little tap with your finger and it should pop up. My TD sticks every now and then. The first time it stuck was very frightful.

Bill Brown

...I always get another 10 pounds pressure with a small 'tap-tap' when i start it....
gblawson(gordon- TD27667)

OK, I'm getting out the big hammer.
Geoffrey M Baker

I had to laugh. I went out, ran the car and started tapping. Nothing happened with the oil meter. But the ammeter, which had been dead, suddenly started working!

Geoffrey M Baker

Well, the oil meter kind of sort of works. I had to disassemble it and the needle was definitely stuck; as soon as I moved it with a finger I could feel it "unstick". I put it back on the car and it popped up to 40 but then wouldn't go down below 20. So then I cleaned and used a little wd40 on the interior spring. and it now gets up to about 30 lbs pressure and drops down to about 5, which if I tap will take it back to zero. Clearly, it's at the end of its current life and needs to be completely overhauled by an expert; but at least I can tell the engine has SOME kind of oil pressure...
So oil meter and ammeter both working. On to bleeding the brakes and the beast will be ready to move again!
Geoffrey M Baker

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