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MG TD TF 1500 - OK - Next Question

I am proceeding with my trial assembly prior to painting and need to know what thread pattern the fixing bracket for the headlamp attachment bar is threaded for. This is the small piece which comes through the radiator shroud. Mine was chromed, as was the attachment bars and headlamp buckets, and I can't find any bolt or screw among the buckets of such items I have which will fit.


don scott

I think the bolt you are looking for is the bolt that goes through the eye of the chrome piece. It is a large head bolt with a shoulder that is the size of the eye. This bolt should be steel and was normally painted body colour after the car was assembled, so it may have some remnants of paint on it. Of course the nut will match. I'm doing this from memory so I hope it helps.
C.R. Tyrell

I believe theses are what you are looking for.

JA Benjamin

That is close - but what I need is the size and thread of the two bolts or screws which secure the other end of the bracket those bolts go through. The bracket has two threaded holes which attach the end of a bracket to another bracket on the side of the radiator.

don scott

I believe Don is talking about part #5 on the AS radiator page,,, the bolts secure the "headlamp radiator bracket"


Probably #9 on the attached photo


The lug and the headlight support were both painted body colour originally. Like many parts they have visited the chromer at some time in their life. Your car, your decision!

Ian Bowers

1/4-26 BSF hex headed screws about 3/4 inch long, with washers, lockwashers and nuts. On my car, the nuts were on the forward side of the assembly.

Hope this helps,
Dave Braun

That's it exactly Steve #9. The two holes which mount to the radiator are threaded, which I assume is because it makes their attaching that much easier.

Ian - I am still undecided on body color vs. chrome, made more difficult by the chromer doing such a great job!

don scott

Dave, I wonder if someone drilled yours through? All of the chrome brackets that I have seen have threads, so no nuts/washers behind. I think the bolts are only about 1/2" long as well. That said, it has been a while.... George
George Butz

Don ,
Part #7 in the above photo is chromed on my car which is original. The bolt #8 is painted black as is the headlamp support. This colour may be due to my car being black. Both these items may be painted to match the car colour.

George Raham [TD4224]

Which of these bolts are you referring to?

Mort 1950 TD1851 Möbius

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