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MG TD TF 1500 - OK, you've got your TD or TF....

So.... what would be the next car on your list.

For me, a TR3 or MGA because the E-Type is way out of reach. (I wish I still had the one I had in HS in '74.)


Morris Traveller

Geoffrey M Baker

I'd love to have an MGA, but I have yet to sit in one that I really fir into. Funny, I fit into my TD - it's tight but I can drive it. In an MGA my legs are so bent up that my knee if hard up against the shift lever and my feet can't operate the pedals. Disappointing, to say the least.
Also have eyes for a red TC.

Bobby Galvez

If I was nuts I would get a Austin-Healey 3000. Probably a Mk II but that's debatable.
Christopher Couper

I remember a friend of mines dad bought him a new Jag for graduation in 56. I drove an old Chevy LOL! But I could get more girls in the Chevy, he was stuck with just one! Grin. PJ
Paul S Jennings

would love an Amilcar, but not sure - its a performance thing as all look lovely, standard car was just a simple side valve, with a cozette you could go a bit quicker, with a c6 you could fly, need a lotto win.


Why would you want a 'next car'? Mind you, I do have a midget, plus a DD, as well as the TF.


D A Provan

Must have been someone with no imagination. I regularly took 3 girls home in a TD - cozy ;-) I was tasked to pickup two girls and take them to a party all of us were going to. Both girls were at one place so I escorted them to the car and ushered them in, then went around and got in the driver's side. This was in 1959 when girls wore dresses with about a dozen petticoats under them and when I go in the car, all I could see was petticoats - they had to do some rearranging so I could see to drive. Cheers,
D W DuBois

Well, looking back, I have has some very nice cars in the past any one of which could be a nice candidate for "The Next".

There was the pair of OSCA powered FIAT Spyders, when I got married. The 1932 Packard, Light 8 Rumble seat Coupe, the 1961 Jaguar Mark IX sedan, the Citron DS-21 Gran Pallis, with pigskin leather interior and the 58 T-bird.

But If I were going to start something I would like to get a pretty dead TF and turn it into an Arline Coupe.

I have often thought the Airline Coupe grew into the MGB-GT.

Trouble is that If I took as long as I did on the TD I would be 128 years old when I finished.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

I'm currently shopping for an MGA (after 60 years I've finally forgiven MG for abandoning the T body style) but now I have to consider Bobby G's comments. I'm looking for a driver and prefer that it not be red, black or white but at least a plurality of the ones I'm seeing are red so I may have to loosen my standards. Jud
J K Chapin


I don't think you're much taller than I am (6') and I fit in an MGA coupe easily. Now getting in and out is another story.

Gene Gillam

Great question! For sheer fun in the rain I'd like a Citroen Traction Avant -- preferably a Paris built BL (the smaller model). My first car (c. 1967) was a 1952 Slough produced English Citroen "Light Eleven" -- it was a great car, even if the steering wheel was on the wrong side. But I don't think this is too likely... My late 1951 TD provides a lot of driving pleasure, if it's sunny out and assuming I'm not trying to get on a four lane highway, at modern highway speeds. One is enough. So a realistic second car that is a. weatherproof and b. capable of 65 mph comfortably... well that looks like a Volvo PV544... preferably one of the late sport models (c. 1963). If anybody knows of a good one for sale, please let me know! Seriously. Peter. (I doubt there's as good a user group as this one... but it is a car with a following.)
Peter Pope

And a picture of the Citroen, taken at the Conservatoire Citroen last April. (They have a collection of just about every model they have ever built... some of them totally original never used except by their engineers, some of them restorations). It's like walking through a car dealer's time warp.

Peter Pope

I'd love an early sky blue Bugatti but after 44 years I'd be happy just to get my TD back on the road! You can only handle one girl at a time.. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

I think a Z Magnette Vairitone would complement the T types nicely.

M Magilton

After hankering for an Austin Healey BJ8 Mk3(1966)
for many years,two(2) years ago made the move on a very nice fully restored Metallic Blue with dark Blue leather interior.
It is the only classic car I have owned which I did'nt
restore.Saved about 5 years rebuild work and a lot of swearing!

A chap in a Car Club here in WA asked me if the car fulfilled my pre buy expectations.The reality is that
the car's style and performance has far exceeded my
wildest dreams! Magnificent in every respect.Power to burn with incredible road holding.

My first love will always be TFs(just),however both Abingdon products are a credit to bygone English know how and expertise.

Rob Grantham


I got my TD restored.... love it. Got a MGB to play with... sold it, but liked the fact it had roll-up windows and a heater.

Got an MGA 1500... restored it. It has a heater... but side curtains... so I needed a car to drive in inclement weather... so got another MGB ( this one didn't need one of everything).... so now I am good!
.. CR
C.R. Tyrell

Another TD. Bud
Bud Krueger

Geoffrey M Baker: nice choice. I have two Minors but no Traveller. Either are good cold or wet weather cars.

John Quilter (TD8986)

Couldn't agree more-here's mine.

D Burns

Okay, if it's not another TD, it would be a 356B Super90 Porsche Cabriolet. Bud
Bud Krueger

I bought a Wolseley 4/44 last year, has XPAW engine that is almost identical to an XPAG.
It has leather, wood and looks like a Magnette.

Erik van Hardeveld

Dusenberg or Packard or Bugatti in my dreams.
Or just enough time & money to restore my Citroen Mehari!
Len Fanelli

Planned on using it for a driver - that lasted about 2 months. Some people are gluttons for punishment.

Dan Craig

1937 Supercharged Cord convertible. My Dream car.
T Maine

A Model A Ford. Because they can be air conditioned. For those times here in Texas when it is just too hot for the MG to be tolerable.
P.W. Lester


I always had a thing for an early TR6, before the ugly rubber bumper extensions.

G Burgess

Had a 365B, a blast to drive but scared the H*** out of the wife the way I drove it... Finally settled on one of its older cousins, a 55 VW... My wife is a happy girl and if she's happy, I'm good!


John Mitchell

Well, if all goes right. a 49 YT.

It was my wife who had the heavy foot in the Super90. Bud
Bud Krueger

If somebody game one of these I wouldn't complain.

MG LaVerne

Or this. Are you listening Lew? :-)

MG LaVerne

Since I'm already way over the top..I have always lusted for one of these..but not in this color.

MG LaVerne

Is that a 275 LaVerne?
I remember that as a kid in Coral Gables, FL our neighbor across the street was a surgeon. English gentleman with a taste for sports cars. For about a year he had one of these - his kids promptly named it the "Mango Monster."
Beautiful lines.

Bobby Galvez

Boy I'd love to have an Airline Coupe! Be crazy not to. Of all the T series, that is my favorite!

Paul S Jennings

its a P type Paul, even less power to weight.

Well, one of these would be my next choice. Anyone have one in the way and need it removed? LOL.

Paul S Jennings

An airline is very interesting too.

See this airline TD!

I found it at:


Erik van Hardeveld

I'm at the limit - all my bays are filled!

There's even a Morris Traveler fitted in there behind the MINI.

The Miata now sits outside (hardtop on) having been displaced by the 52 MG-TD. It isn't happy, but it's the youngest, so they always have to suffer...


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