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MG TD TF 1500 - Old number one Christmas ornament on ebay

Have a look at these pewter specials.

Old number one and the MG factory.
M Whitt

I don't want to be too controversial but I wish there were more mg spares advertised on ebay rather than MG ornaments, key rings and trinkets. This is an issue for T series and especially prewar cars

Happy Christmas to all

Jan T
Jan Targosz

Jan, if you are having trouble searching through the trinkets for real parts, go to the ebay motors home page and put your marque and model of your car in the box for 'model' under 'parts and accessories' in the center of the page.

hope this is helpful,
Dave Braun

IMHO it's not the "searching through the trinkets for real parts" that drives me crazy, (you can refine the search by "omitting" these) is the mutiple listings for this crap by the same seller! That's nice that "you" have an MG Key Ring for sale ...but I really don't need to see the damned thing 100 times! Fact is there have been a couple of those trinkets I might have purchased but I refuse to buy them from somebody that has 3 pages of the same item listed over & over.
These sellers think I am going to buy it just because they have "applied directly to my forehead", "applied directly to my forehead","applied directly to my forehead" ...that one doesn't "DO-IT" for me either!....whilst we are on the subject's none of your damned business what's "in my wallet" ....but I wish I could figure out a way to heat my house from what you stick in my mailbox!
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

Sorry guys. I have no interest in this other than I collect unusual MG items when they become available. I have a superb lighted tree ornament that was laser etched with Safety Fast! and the MG crest. It is highly unusual and I get people wanting one every year, however it was only available one time. This is one of those items. I thought that I would share it with the MG community. However, I didn't anticipate a bunch of complaining... won't happen again.

M Whitt

Mark, it looks cool! Maybe I could buy for my personal tree. Seems the number of my Star Trek ornaments became excessive (according to my wife), so they were banned from the family tree and now I have my very own. George
George Butz

S'all right Mark!

They are just opinions, and you know, it has been kind of slow on the site for a bit. I was tempted to place some Champion vs. NGK' questions just to spice things up a bit...

Dave Braun

I appreciate the post. I think it's neat! Might even buy one.
Steve Simmons

Hope you did not missunderstand me I appreciate the post as well. What I guess I should have made clear is I don't mind somebody sharing a link at all as I don't search the stuff on ebay like I used to because of all the crap listings there! Used to be for "MG" you would get about 100 or so hit's. Now there are others that target us as fools thinking because we own such a car a $12.00 media blaster gun is suddenly worth $110.00 because their add has an "M.G." referance in the listing! I was just having a little fun "venting" at ebay!..certainly not at anyone on this BBS!
Cheers & Best Regards,
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward

I am refering to stuff like item 180063332219.
The same add on there like 10 times ...hey we maybe old but does this guy think we are all so stupid we forget about seeing his item by the bottom of the page unless we read it 10 times!
That is what I meant!
The one you point to the guy has "a" item and has it posted "once" problem is these people that have to show it to us page after page the same listing over & over ....Those are the ones that get me going!
David Sheward

I rarely even look at the ebay MG stuff anymore because of the same old junk too. I think that some of these sellers do think that we will buy anything with the letters MG tagged to them. Enthusiast doesn't mean you tag the letters to just anything (I did put MG ZT badges on our 2003 Honda Accord though, but I digress...) and it sells.

However, like I said, when I run across neat things like these and the price seems right I like to tell people. Usually after I got mine though!

No offence taken guys.

Safety Fast!
M Whitt

This thread was discussed on 13/12/2006

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