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MG TD TF 1500 - Old workshop manual & TF wheel

Matthew Lang, Lancashire, UK,
I have a 1965 workshop manual covering series:TC,TD,TF-1500,MGA & MGA-1600,MGA-1600 MKII (with special competition tuning)!
Manufacture years run between 1946 - 1963.

Also I have;
MG midget (series 'TF') SERVICE PARTS LIST.
One 'TF' wire spoked quick release wheel in good condition. Rim size 16". It is silver sprayed.

I am not an enthusiast but do enjoy these motors.
My late father rebuilt a 'TF' in the 80's. Sold it (unforunately) around 1985.
We have recently uncovered some history from the loft!
Could someone tell me how much they are worth.
I am offering these items forsale.

Matt Lang
Matthew Lang

Hi Matthew, this wheel is probably for a TC. They had 19 inch wheels originally but many were changed to 16 inch for racing or whatever.

The TF and MGA use 15 inch, The MGB is 14 inch.


Paul van Gool

This thread was discussed on 22/05/2003

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