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MG TD TF 1500 - On the road after 25 years

What fun it is!

After sitting for 25 years, the 53 TD is on the road again!

Long journey, My father purchased it in 59, did a paint restore in the early 70's, was a daily driver for a couple years.

Late 70's it became a special occasion driver, until it had not been driven in years (early 80's). Revived summer of 88 for my sisters drive away car for the wedding using wedding cars tonbridge. Garaged after and years gone by.

Moved it out of the family garage last year, and started to revive...
Brakes: wheel cylinders, Master, lines, shoes
New electronic fuel pump, fuel lines
Radiator hoses, fan belt
Engine cleanout (oil, radiator)
De-varnish: Carb, fuel line, fuel tank
Wheel bearings
New lubricants
New battery

and the list of things to do outside of "Getting it on the road" is growing!

It was a longer time than I thought, I can't imagine changing the shoes would turn into a 3 week journey of teardown, strip, paint, clean. But she is on the road again and the joy of driving it even better than I imagined.

The most amazing part was taking my dad to dinner in the MG! He was so glad to see her on the road again.. did not stop talking about it for days!

Photo is from the first move out of the garage... I think I need to take new photos!

D Engel

D if you're close to Denver bring it to the British Conclave next weekend in Arvada (

'52 TD (with the "orange patina"!)
R Biallas

I am, planning on going to the conclave. Thought about driving it up, but at 20 miles... not yet that confident... maybe have to get some confidence this week!

D Engel

Way to go Dean! You will enjoy it even more as you drive it around. My first run in mine was to put on a couple hundred miles with a group of "T" type owners. It got us there and back with no problems and showed me a couple areas that I still needed to work on.

I was spurred on when a group of vintage Bentleys from the 20's and 30's came through our community. They had been shipped from all over the world to take part in their run and I figured if they could do it with cars that didn't exactly have great parts availability then I could do it in my TD. I have never looked back and neither will you.

Enjoy it to the max and maybe you will find someone close to you who would be willing to do that 20 mile drive with you.

Brian Smith (1950 TD3376)

Dean - How wonderful that your dad got to see and ride in the final results - that is one of those "priceless" moments. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Your to be commended for giving your dad a cherishing moment by bring his old car back to life. Very nice! PJ
Paul sr

Good on ya, you will enjoy driving it again. Congratulations.
Tom Maine

Dave: you are right, one of the most priceless moments in my life. makes me a bit emotional actually!

Randy, if you get a second want to chat about the conclave send me a note at dean.engel at gmail. thanks

All: thanks for the support


(Note Changed Name to Dean E.- more social!)
Dean E

Very nice, Dean.
Dave Braun

IMHO: Hook up with some other T's and drive it there.
Have done this around here with a few people on their first journey. What you will find is that are a number of us that carry good supply of "spares" and relish at the prospect of helping one "get there"!
The fun is getting there!
David Sheward

Thanks for the idea to get to the show.

Took her out yesterday... found out she does not like to run, sit for 15 minutes and then re-start... bit of vapour lock!

guess I have to learn the tricks!
Dean E


That is fantastic. The ride with your father must have been a real joy for him. I am hoping to be driving mine by December if I can keep up the pace.


Rob Welborne

13 years of driving #7427 have taught me a few things:
Any "spares" carried in the car will never fail on the road.
Any "spare" left in the garage will fail as soon as you exceed the 500mile tow limit set by insurance tow plan.

Having spares and travelling with other "T" cars is fun.
I have "loaned": Dizzy/Cap / Points / Coil / Fuel Pump / Water Pump / Axle shaft ect as well as bailing wire, nuts and bolts, duct tape, and zip ties over the years.

Even by yourself you are never alone by the side of the road for long in a "T" car!
(We were unable to do "roadside repair" when I melted the pistons in cyc 2&3 at speed...but within 10 minutes of pulling off the freeway I had 3 or 4 cars stop to ask if they could help!)

David Sheward

I like the rule of thumb. Have to make note of that!

I have noticed how much attention it gets, any time it is out you get some type of wave, hoot, or an extra 10 minutes getting into or out of the store you are at.

Dean E

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