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MG TD TF 1500 - Original-Older Restoration

Now can somebody explain to me a phenomenon! How can there exist an "Original...Restoration" as is always advertised on eBay.
ORIGINAL: the source or cause from which something arises,that from which a copy,reproduction or translation is made. Being the first instance or source from which a copy, reproduction or translation is or can be made.
Restoration: An act of restoring or the condition of being restored, a bringing back to a former condition. A representation or reconstruction of the original. give back, return.
Now in my little pea brain an original is original not restored and a restoration is a restoration but neither can be the same at the same time.
Your either one or the other sorta like male/female EH!
Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

When I was looking for a car, I always interpreted the word "original" used in that context as an adjective rather than a noun. E.G., a TD restoration without a wood dash, wire wheels, Corvette engine, etc. Same applies to your second example, as the Gov. of Calif. colorfully pointed out by using the phrase, "girly men."

Hey like genuine imatation leather :-)

Chris Couper

Don't knock the NAUGHA as he gave his all .
conrad sanders

so ...following this logic...If the opposite of "PRO" is "CON"...then the opposite of "progress" must be "congress"...
David 55 TF1500 #7427
David Sheward pea brain statement is correct. "Its only Original once", however over time some items will totally deteriorate and if left to there own demise, will ruin your car. eg: coolant hoses, flex oil and fuel lines, brake cylinders, tops and side windows, tyres.
We own one of the best unrestored original TF's around that is running and used weekly in the summer. Some things like the paint and leather look a little worn and faded, but what do you want with a 50 year old car. The answer is "patina".
It is very easy to rebuild most original parts and many NOS parts are still around.

Don't think I saw Grimm wizzing on the wires yesterday, so you must have left him at home.
colin stafford

Lets see... you could say:

It is all original (as it came from the factory to the first owner).

It is original "to" its restoration in (year).

It is restored using "original" parts

It is original using "restored" parts

Its the old "original";"restored";"rebuilt" dilema.

Mine was rebuilt in '67 using various parts, so i always say "it is original to its rebuild in '67" (that gives it a lot of leeway).
gordon.b.lawson '53TD

I stopped by your CGT but I guess you weren't around at the time so I never got to connect. With Grimm I think it's old age (14) because He loved ridding in the Rover 3500S and in the MGBGT. In the GT He would always watch my hand every time I shifted up or down and then go back to the window. But for some reason He rejects the TD. Even if I lift Him up and put 'em in (without motor running) He scambles right out like it's going to attack Him or something. Gotta work on this one. Greg & Grimm
G.J. Cenzer

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